Monday, 4 May 2015

Police Arrest Student for Defecating on Neighbour's food

Police have arrested a student after she was caught on camera spitting on and spraying glass cleaner on her housemates' food.

Hayley King, 22, was charged with unlawful, malicious tampering with human food.
Hayley King has confessed to the incident.
King and her housemates reportedly had "multiple altercations" in the weeks prior to the incident.

Hayley King has confessed to the incident. Credit: Columbia Police Department

The women said they wanted King to move out but she refused to leave.
Fearing she would do something in retaliation they set up a hidden camera in the kitchen.
Video recorded on February 4 shows King spitting in various containers of food in the fridge. She is then seen spraying window cleaner on food.
King confessed to the incident and is awaiting the outcome of her court case.



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