Monday, 11 May 2015

Is Gov. Obiano a Father Christmas to Fg. or Wasteful?

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By Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia
. Under concept of inter-government relation in Nigeria,especially as it concerns Federal-State Relation , state can not dabble into federal government project without applying for Federal government refund commitment.
If a state went and construct or is constructing Federal government road without going through administrative process of applying to the federal government for approval and refund commitment , then the state will not likely to get refund from the Federal government.
Coming to Anambra State, Governor Willie Obiano started three Flyovers in Awka along Enugu/Onitsha Expressway without applying for Federal government refund .
He awarded the contracts moment he was sworn in as a governor around May 2014 at the cost of #5.6billion to be completed 12 months time.
Critical Questions are :
Why did Obiano not apply for Federal government refund commitment ?
Was it a case of I was handed over so much money that I Dont need Federal government refund ?
Ngige even at loggerhead with OBJ applied for refund Commitment and got approval on the Federal government road .The money was paid under Obi govt.
Why did Obiano failed to apply ?
Peter Obi applied before construct Most of the federal roads he did example: Uppe Iweka, Old road (Nkpor Amawbia), Amansea-Amawbia (expressway under construction ) etc.
So why was Gov Obiano govt unable to apply ?
Or a we into Administrative Father Christmasnism ?
#5.6billion is much to leave for Federal government that has much .
Now that Governors seek for Financial Bailout from Federal government , government of State due to what I Dont know Dashed #5.6billion to the federal government!
With the commitment to refund , Anambra would have been in a position seeking for refund from the federal government.
#5.6billion can do so much in Anambra if we get it back from Federal government.
It is a pure blunder by Gov Willie Obiano led Govt not to have applied for refund .
Today, the state face with a budget that is yet to perform up to 10% in 5th months of the budget operation , and I ask, why the deceit ?
I believe that direction is better than speed and I hereby call for direction regards how the state is driven .
I am also calling the executive governor of Anambra State and Anambra State House of Assembly to seek if it will still be possible for federal government refund on the above mentioned projects after the identified blunder .
My suggestion is that the governor should be so humble and assembly some minds beyond his government circle with the aim of possibility of refund .
This he should do by calling a meeting of Anambra State members of the 7th National Assembly ,
those elected into 8th National Assembly , Hon. Chuma Nzeribe ( former Chairman House Committee on Works due to his role on refund Peter Obi got then).
Also, Soludo (Former Minster of Finance ) , Oby Ezekwesili ( former Due Process Head) and all the ex and serving Federal Per Sec etc.
It will not all be out of place if the governor also meet with past governors regards this issue.
With the above meeting of great minds , we are likely to achieve results.
This an era when every kobo matters and we must aware of that.
Let's Quest To See Our State working Right.
God Bless Anambra State.

Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia.
Writes from Awka,Anambra State under the heading
(Building Flyovers on Federal govt Road by Anambra State govt without applying for refund: Is Obiano govt a Father Christmas to Federal government or wasteful ?)



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