Wednesday, 13 May 2015

How the Potter (Peter Obi) Says That the Pot (Gov. Obiano) he made is not good

By Emeka Odionu

Image result for pictures of gov obi and obianoImage result for pictures of gov obi and obiano
.Fmr Gov Obi (the potter) is the only one who will tell us that the clay he made (Gov Obiano) is not good and not the duty of those who have taken it upon themselves to condemn the governing of Anambra state by Gov Obiano.They are the group I call the "E-thugs" and they have vowed to launder the image of Akpokuedike Aguleri...Fmr Gov Obi was on Odenigbo FM three weeks ago discussing issues about the polity.

When asked to access Gov Obiano in the area of governance,he said that his successor is really working and that whenever he drives round Anambra state and sees the works of Gov Obiano,he gets excited.He said that the billboards with the inscription "Willie is Working" is a true reflection of what his successor is doing................................................................Who else will access the clay made by a potter if not the potter himself? A bricklayer who is not skilled in the business of moulding clay cannot tell us that the potters clay is not good neither do we depend on a sculptor or a carpenter to tell us about the potters clay.Even Val Obienyem (Obi's media assistance) who was interviewed some months ago commended Gov Obiano's administration and wishes that the governor does not lose focus.....If Obi and Obienyem could commend our governor so well,why would a group of people masquereding as "E-thugs" on social media resolve to bring down the image of our governor? Ndi Anambra,let's listen to those who know about governance and shun the critics who have taken up the politics of calumny.



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