Monday, 4 May 2015

How the Anambra State NUJ Secretary, Princess Ifeoma Anumba Died at 38 years old today

Anambra State council of the NUJ has been thrown into mourning following the sudden death of its secretary, princess Ifeoma Anumba.She died at 38 years old. She celebrated her birthday last 19th April, 2015.

Sources close to her told that she took ill on Friday and when she visited the hospital for diagnosis, nothing was found on her, adding that when she went back on Saturday following persistent dizzy feeling and was latter diagnosed of blood shortage.

She invited her pretty sister , Ujunwa to come over to assist her take care of herself but the devil has some other plans and on midnight Sunday Princess’s situation lapsed with attention of friends led by the National Vice President, Guild of Editors, Victor Agusiobo taking her to the hospital but was confirmed dead by medical officials.

Princess Ifeoma lived and died NUJ as she was a center of attraction to the envy of her compatriots who have even attacked her severally for working hard for NUJ.

As the NUJ conference and elections slated for next month hots up , contenders have hoped on Ifeoma to make the difference but that is no more. The NUJ Anambra election coming up by November this year is equally another setback.

NUJ delegation had visited her family and her siblings but mostly her mother were devastated and did still not believe the tales.

Former Chairman of the council Comrade Toochukwu Udoji Omelu died in a shocking circumstance though was sick for some time before she eventually gave up but Princess Anumba just went up and never returned.

According to our sources, being a strong willed person, she rejected blood transfussion when she was told by the doctor that she had the option  of going home and eating vegetables.

Sensed that her refusal to be confined to a hospital bed may be hinged on her busy nature, in which she carries the burden of the NUJ on her shoulders.

The dizzy feeling persisted Sunday night, and she was rushed to the hospital by her younger sister, hours after which she gave up the ghost.

Several comments have been pouring in from journalists in Anambra since after the announcement of her death.

Some members of the correspondents chapel of the union described her as the last pillar that held the NUJ in the state.

Recall that two years ago, Toochukwu Udoji Omelu the former chairman of the union had died.

The. Current leadership of the union has been severally adjudged of being incapable, following failure to convene meetings of the Union

Anumba is seen as the only ally of the former chairman, Omelu who is still in the executive and has been very enthusiastic in carrying out her task.

Her corpse has been deposited in an undisclosed morgue, and her burial arrangement will be made latter.

She is survived by her aged mum, brothers and sisters and also members of the pen fraternity in anambra and beyond. 

She is survived by her aged mum, brothers and sisters and also members of the NUJ in Anambra state and beyond. Late Princess Ifeoma is known across the NUJ family in Nigeria and has travelled across the country and internationally for NUJ activities.




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