Saturday, 9 May 2015

Gunmen Murder 7 at Rivers State

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Armed men have killed seven per­sons in Kporghor Village in Tai Lo­cal Government Area of Rivers State.
The victims, who were murdered two days ago at 10pm were Mr. Saturday Akpenee (Jnr), Miss Barisa Nkporbu, Mr. Ntormaa Nbete, Mrs. Nneenewa Dim­kpa, Mr. TamBari Kpaabe, Mr. Dimkpa Dimkpa and a house help to Mr. Friday Dimkpa, whose name was not immediately known.

Two other victims seri­ously injured in the attack are said to be in very critical condition at a hospital in the area.
Saturday Sun gathered that the victims, killed in an unprovoked invasion, were Kporghor natives, taking refuge in Baraobara since December 21, 2014, when their community was alleg­edly attacked and sacked by combined heavily armed at­tackers from neighbouring Okrika communities, par­ticularly Wakama.
Reacting to the attack, the Movement for the Sur­vival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), expressed out­rage and condemned the un­provoked invasion and cold-blooded murder of innocent Ogoni people.
A statement issued yester­day, in Port Harcourt, by the Media/Public Affairs Advi­sor to the MOSOP President, Bari-ara Kpalap, called on security agencies to investi­gate the attack and urged that adequate security should be provided for the people and their hosts.
“MOSOP is, therefore, passionately calling on the security agencies, especially the police, to investigate this matter with a view to bring­ing the perpetrators to book. We would as well entreat the security forces to provide adequate security for the people of Kporghor and their hosts, including other Ogoni communities under threats of similar attack.
“We recall that in Decem­ber 2014, several citizens of Kporghor village were killed; hundreds of houses and other property razed and the village sacked, when these Okrika attackers invad­ed the village.
“The displaced victims of this attack were since then harboured chiefly by the people of Baraobara. This sad incident was reported to the police. Since this unfor­tunate incident, no tangible step was taken by the se­curity forces to protect the people”.
MOSOP accused security agencies of lapses, which led to the attack, and their failure to address the matter earlier.
“It is, therefore, our posi­tion that the deceased and those maimed are victims of the state security lapses. For, if the security apparatus had proactively responded to re­ported threats and upped in­security in the area, the cur­rent losses would have been prevented.
“For a long time, our com­munities have suffered these deadly, incessant attacks al­ways perpetrated against us by our Okrika neighbours, who seem to have marked Ogoni for punitive, com­munal resolve. We have had violence and death inflicted on our people, our com­munities destroyed and our natives forced into internal refugees and our land vio­lently grabbed by these same people.”



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