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Foreigners Embrace Igbo Culture, Vows to Denounce theres

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Some group of foreign academicians on courtesy visit to Nigeria has extolled the Igbo culture as a diverse people worthy of emulation in request for cultural assimilation with the Igbos.

The diplomats, drawn from Asia and America on homage visit to the palace of Ezeudo, Dr. UcheEgenti MON, in Abuja, while reiterates their mission in the country revealed that the homage call on the Igbos is germane to reasons they are in Nigeria for a two days international conference,hosted by the Nigerian/Turkish University.
Appreciating IgweEgenti for the privilege accorded them, the spokesperson for the team, Prof. ShatlykAmanov of the Meliksah University in Turkey said their mission is channeled towards promoting peace through cultural integration and how to interchangeknowledge for societal building.
“We are here to interface with the Igbo Community in Nigeria on intercultural platformhaving being in Nigeria since 2011 when our foundation was founded, to promote peace through cultural interface.”
“We met His Royal Highness through this platform and iron out this formal meeting organized to introduce ourselves and the need to promote peace and dialogue through inter-ethnic interface with the the society. We therefore identify with Igbo culture, which we found to be diverse in nature” He opined.
On how Nigeria has benefited from the program (the foundation) since inception, Shatlyk reiterated thus:
“What we do is we organize conference just like the one we are starting tomorrow, where we rob minds as a people of diverse culture on how to use dialogue to promote peace among other beneficial value of the event.”
“By tomorrow we would be having a big conference on social service and work, which Nigeria has never being organizing before now. Different papers close to one hundredfrom different speakers drawn from across the globe shall be presented, and we seize this opportunity to invite more Nigerians to be part of the conference where ideas will meet knowledge and social services communicated to the people of Nigeria, including representatives from government Ministries and parastatals.Let’s hope and pray that this conference will lead us to the opening doors of diverse society.” He said.
Receiving the group, EzeudoDr. Egenti while relates the structural disposition of the Nigerian nation to the group, he expressed his profound appreciation to the team to have singled out the Igbo nation for such a recognition and identifying with his chiefdom, which he said is not out of place due to the egalitarian nature of the Igbos among nations.
He speaks: “Igbo is one of the tripods that make up Nigeria in the course of amalgamation of Northern and Southern Nigerian protectorate; we have the Hausa, the Yoruba and the Igbo that formed the major ethnic nationalities. And we are situated in the Eastern part of the country. Our people are majorly commerce oriented people; there is no where you will not find an Igbo man in the world,the Ibos as we are called are the most traveled specie on the planet earth.”
“Any region you get to without finding an Ibo man there, means that there is no human being residing there. Our nature equally promotes inter-cultural marriages with diverse people at home and abroad. But in Nigeria, we are yet to get the political power despite our international prowess, which we are working towards. This is because where you have economic power without the political power, it is not enough.” Egenti moaned.
The academicians in attendant are Prof. DrKuseyinKalyoncu from Nile University, Prof. Dr. KahramanKalyoncu from Aksaray University, Dr. ShatlykAmonov from Melikshah University, Dr. GylychJelilov of Nile University, Prof. RamazanTas of TurgutOzal University, Dr. YavuzKahraman from TurgutOzal University, including the Professor from the United States, were all received by Igbo traditional rulers and chiefs in Abuja and Northern region.
However, it was celebration galour heralding the courtesy visit as the visitors were entertained with series of Igbos recipe, among which is their traditional kolanut sharing prowess.

Group of foregn diplomats in group pictures with Nd'Igbos in Abuja.


Group of foreign academicians on courtesy visit to Nigeria, paid an homage visit to the palace of Ezeudo of Airport Road Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. PHOTO BY: Abuja Bureau Chief, SHOLA AKINGBOYE.

The leader of the team in a chat with the host, Ezeudo, Dr. Egenti MON
Spokesperson for the group, Prof. ShatlykAmanov of the Meliksah University in Turkey
Mmebers of the team helping themselves with Igbo traditional recipe




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