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Corruption in Nigerian Police Exposed as IG Arase Visits Anambra, Promotes the unlawfully Demoted, Commissions Some projects

---Jubilation Galore At Anambra Police Command as 8 Promoted Officers Smile home

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(Okechukwu Onuegbu)

Police IG, Solomon Arase speaking to the press after the event

Police officers dancing in jubilation

There was jubilation galore at the headquarters of the Nigerian Police, Anambra State Command last Saturday, May 16 as the newly confirmed Inspector General of Police, Mr. Solomon E Arase, paid a courtesy call, which led to promotion of eight police officers and justice to officers meted with injustice.
Some newly promoted officers after a parade
Among the promoted were Paul Igwedinma, Emmanuel Eze, Victor Okere, Kingsley Eze, Alhassan Ibrahim, Uzoma Emmanuel and Daniel Edili, whose parade performance during the visit attracted the IG to move for their immediate promotions to Corporal and Sergeants respectively.

The IG also returned the ranks of Corporal to Corporal Obot Okon, previously demoted and redeployed to a remote area, Anaku in Anambra East Local Government Area of Anambra State for allegedly involving in an unethical act.

Okon while appealing for help
Speaking in a question and answer session, Okon, while admitting for his sins, lamented that his demotion was due to be reverted after he had tendered letters of apology, and faced other disciplinary actions, but reverse was the case, as an undisclosed authority in the command sat on it, insisting that he must pay a sum of N10, 000 bribe before it could be effected even after the former Anambra State Commissioner of Police, now AIG Usman Gwari gave order for restore of his rank before he left the state.

Okon, while be re-decorated with his rightful rank
Similarly, another officer, Oshogbo Onyishi, previously attached to NNPC, recalled how God saved his life after been burnt to comma, and his other colleagues turned to ashes during a petrol explosion, cried that all efforts for him to undergo plastic surgery proved abortive, as both the force and NNPC refused to grant him permission and the needful resources to that effect despite that court said otherwise.  
Onyeishi voicing out his predicament

Onyeishi disclosing his predicament
In a response after listening to diverse complains of illegal demotions and corruption in the police, IG Solomon Arase ordered for an instant restore of rank of Corporal and its entitlements on Obot Okon, and it was done immediately, while Oshogbo Onyishi’s surgery was approved as well and directed to visit Abuja for immediate action.

The Police IG further said that investigation would re-commence on the various allegations so as to bring the culprits to book.

In his address, IG Solomon Arase bemoaned that his office has been informed that Anambra, among other police commands in the Southeastern part of the country are notorious for mercantile policing, but promised that under him, a new police vision and mindset will be established.

Arase, who noted that he is allergic to corruption and as such poised to restore the dignity of the police force, sternly warned his colleagues to eschew the habit of setting up road blocks around the state with the hope of extorting monies from motorists.

He equally called for the withdrawal of all policemen on non-assigned posting, and at most two policemen to be attached to legally approve public officers, immediate cessation of the practice of carrying bags or doing other domestic duties for civilians including politicians while on duty.

On the commercialization of bail, the Inspector General of Police announced that he has set up intelligence policing at Enugu to train them on how to gather information, arrest, and the need to keep away from intervention on land matters as well as adopt alternative dispute resolution when they embark on arrest.

IG Arase revealed that the police cannot grant permit on land transaction as that is the sole concern of lawyers, even as he advocated for international best practices to be adopted as it would help them find out criminal action against one upon arrest, charging officers to maintain a high level of professionalism in discharging their duties.

While encouraging police officers to acquire requisite knowledge as it is the prime thing that would determine how far and well they fare in their profession, the IG vowed that his administration shall encourage any policeman that shows interest in furthering his education by posting such to a place where he/she can be studying as well as practicing.
Anambra State Com. of Police, Hosea Karma delivering address during the visit

In a welcome address, the Anambra State Commissioner of Police (CP) Hosea Karma commended Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State sequel to his assistance to the command, including the donation of over 100 patrol vehicles, prompt payment of allowances to men on special internal security operation, donation of horses and others.

On the challenges facing the force in Anambra State Police Command, Karma stressed that due to lack of a befitting headquarter in the state, the Commissioner of Police, Deputy Commissioners of Police, Senior Officers, Inspectors and Rank and File quarters/barracks accommodation are basically non-existent in the command, noting that the challenges have affected the morale of the personnel vis-à-vis, there general performance output and rapid response mechanism/deployment directly and indirectly.  

Highlight of the courtesy call was commissioning of Joint Operation Control Room built in the command and another edifice at Enugwu-ukwu.
Daily Times reported that there was an earthquake of jubilation at the command during and after the Police IG’s visit, as officers and relatives living within came in to celebrate God remembrance of their beloved through promotions.



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