Friday, 15 May 2015

Consumers Lament as Price of EGG Soars Higher in Benue

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The price of eggs has gone up in Makurdi, the Benue State capital, following a sharp decline in the supply of the poultry product to markets.

A survey conducted by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday indicated that an egg initially selling for N30 now goes for between N35 and N40, depending on the size.
Similarly, a crate initially selling for between N650 and N700 now cost between N850 and N1,000.
Residents, who expressed dissatisfaction at the short supply, wondered why an agrarian state like Benue should lack agricultural products of any sort.
At the Makurdi Modern Market, the situation has put both buyers and seller on the anxiety lane as they argue endlessly over the hike in price.
An egg seller, Mrs Rose Okolue, told NAN that she had many empty crates as her suppliers had not supplied for some days running.
"I have been calling our distributor and he kept saying there are no eggs. There is also no fuel to run the delivery van while the reported bird flu in Plateau State also worsened the situation," she said.
Miss Ada Adoga, who sells boiled eggs and recharge card on David Mark bye pass, said that a boiled egg now goes for N40 as against N30.
A moin-moin seller, who simply identified herself as Mama Innocent, said that a wrap of the meal with a boiled egg now costs N120.
"Egg is scarce, we do not get daily supply again; we have waited for weeks and when it comes, the price is no longer the same," Adoga said.
At the popular railway market where eggs are commonly sold, empty crates of eggs were sighted abandoned on the ground.
Mr Joseph Hur, an egg seller, said that he gets his supply from Jos, adding that the product has become scarce and expensive.
"An egg selling for N30 now goes for between N40 and N45. It is not our fault, we sell based on the supply we get," he said.
A poultry farmer, Mr Enoch Enokela, attributed the scarcity to hot weather which affects layer birds.
"We use drugs to aid the chickens in laying good eggs during the hot weather but the drugs are now expensive.
"This way, the price of eggs will naturally go up because of the higher cost of the drugs," he said.
Vendors, who operate fast food outlets, also complained about the scarcity of the poultry product, saying that the situation had started affecting their turnover.
Miss Charity Kwaghzeer, who sells cooked noodles and eggs in Makurdi, said frying an egg that is well garnished now costs N70.
Mallam Ibro, who sells bread and tea at the NYSC junction, also said an egg now costs N60, up from N40.
Dr Ronald Kparevzua, the Director of Livestock Services, Benue State Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, confirmed the short supply of eggs in the state.
He attributed the situation to avian influenza which ravaged many poultry farms in Plateau State.
"The state government placed a strict surveillance at major entry posts into the state.
"To prevent the spread of the bird flu into Benue, we turned back all poultry products as a deliberate policy by our government. Let us have scarcity of eggs for a close monitoring of deadly diseases; it is for the good of the public," he added.



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