Saturday, 9 May 2015

Breaking News: Again, Assembly of God Church Sacks Pastor For Consulting Prophetess

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A clergy of Assemblies of God Church, Reverend Dr Ogwale O Ogwale, has
been sacked by the Church authorities for allegedly consulting a
prophetess to acquire spritual power. learnt that the the clergy, who was in-charge of
Assemblies of God Church Okporo in Effium at Ohaukwu Local Government
Area of Ebonyi State had told his members he was travelling to Enugu
to visit a sick friend whereas he had gone to a prophetess to seek
spiritual powers.

Investigations further reveal that members of the church became aware
of their pastor's whereabout following a tip off from some members of
the community who are living close to the home of the prophetess that
the clergy has been consulting for days with the prophetess on how to
gain spiritual powers.

Based on the tip off , members of the church embarked on independent
investigation during which they placed phone calls on the clergy who
maintained he was in Enugu as he had earlier told the church.

But the worried members moved to the home of the prophetess while they
were calling their pastor as they trailed him without his knowledge to
the place where the clergy was said to have visited the prophetess and
was found there.

Speaking with a deaconess from the church who preferred  anonymity
told that the action of the pastor was strange and
embarrasing to the church. She further described his attitude as an
unholy action which has dragged the image of the church in the mud.

According to her," our pastor told us he was travelling to Enugu to
visit his friend who was sick only for us to discover later that he
was in one of the new generation churches(name witheld by us)
consulting with a prohetess.

"when we learnt about it we kept making calls to his phone until we
find out that he was in the church.

"for now he is no longer in-charge of the church . He has been striped
of his mandate and not even a member of the church.
"His action is against the doctrine of the church and he has to go
after his case was investigated"

Effort to reach the accused clergy proved abotive at the time of
filling this report as he was said to have travelled to a village.



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