Saturday, 30 May 2015

Biafra Day: Biafrans Remember How Nigerians Massacred Her People on 3 Years Pogrons

Ugwu Jude's photo.
Chukwu Okike Abhiama in heaven, all over this world on this day 30th May 2015 that you have made, your anointed children of the great nation of Biafra gather across every time zone to honour the bravest fighting force known to man, the class of 67-70 of the legendary Biafran Army that sacrificed their lives that we may live. Today, here in Aba, we call down your kimgdom from heaven in the hope that you may be found worthy to be called the children of the Almighty. Bless this your land that the soul of the brave departed may be in your keeping. We honour their courage and salute their bravery, but above all we worship you because there is none like thee. All these we ask in your holy name......Ise! Isee! Iseee!



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