Monday, 11 May 2015

Behold the Great Igbo Girl, who recently won Councillorship Election at UK

This is Ms Favour Ezedife, an Igbo lady who won a counselorship seat in UK. She was formerly working with Vmobile then in Lagos. Only 5years ago, she resigned her job and relocated to UK and today she is a counselor.

If na Nigeria, she will be threatened with lagoon in the west or chased away with sharia in the north. I think Nigeria needs ndigbo than igbos need Nigeria. We wanted Biafra and they said no, now we have agreed to one Nigeria.
By 2019, ndigbo will win not only in Lagos, but Kano, Jos, Kaduna, Rivers, Edo, many other states.
Congratulations to all onye igbo who have defiled all odds to make us proud.

Written by Hon. Eneh Victor



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