Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Anambra Traders Protest Against Exorbitant Exortion Impose by the state government

The traders in Awka, Anambra state have kicked against the policies of the state government geared towards improving the internally generated revenue of the state in a peaceful protest.

The protesters under the auspices of Ziks Avenue Business Owners Association (ZABOA) commenced the peaceful protest from their Amaenyi general office in Awka, through the ever busy Ziks avenue road to the government lodge in Amawbia .
Speaking with our correspondent the coordinator of the associations task force unit Mr Ikechukwu Okafor said that the protest was essential because the people of the state where suffering from the ill treatment by those he referred to as ‘Governor Obiano police’.
He explained that the government’s enforcement officers where causing more harm and damage to the state as they operate in a violent and illegal manner, hence their resolve to engage on a peaceful protest.
Mr Okafor said that the association had taken a stand against the collection of illegal car tolls, wheel barrow hawking tolls, illegal detachment of parked vehicles plate numbers and towing of vehicles parked along Ziks avenue by any government agency.
He frowned against the collection of extraneous levies such as parking fees by officers of the state enforcement agency along the avenue, terming it illegal and unlawful.
“This people come around and tow our cars and when you go to their office to get back your car they will ask you to pay 25000. How can one pay such amount of money for doing nothing?”
“They terrorize our customers and collect unnecessary money from them just to allow them to park their cars and if you don’t pay they will lose your plate number and sometimes beat you up if u try to object” Okafor complained
“We are saying no to all this illegal acts by the state government, we are saying no illegal collection of money from us and our hawkers, we are saying no to the towing of our vehicles and the collection of parking levies” he declared  



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