Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Abakaliki Man Stabs Landlord's Son to Death

Tragedy occurred at Ezeomodo quarters in Akabo-Edoji-Uruagu last Saturday when one Mr. Onyeka Utobo from Abakaliki Ebonyi-State stabbed a 33years old Mr. Lotanna Izeji, the son of his landlord to death over a minor issue of toilet facility at Uruagu-Nnewi-Anambra State.

According to the father of the deceased Mr. Zachaus Ekwuonike Izeji, he woke up one morning and saw his son and one of his tenants called Zeluwa quarrelling. He asked what the problem was to which Zeluwa (who is the father of Onyeka Utobo who stabbed the deceased) said that Lotana Izeji his son, has money to build a house but has no money to build a toilet. He now told Zeluwa that his son was building his own house and that the building of the toilet was his own responsibility and not that of his son. During that quarrel Zeluwa told the deceased that he would show him that he is from Abakaliki. The father of the deceased asked Zeluwa to bear with them and that he would see what he can do to complete the building of the toilet which he has actually started building. The deceased went to his elder brother and reported to him what Zeluwa told him as concerning dealing with him (deceased). The elder brother came to Zeluwa to ask him to forgive the deceased and also asked the deceased to ask for forgiveness. The deceased asked for forgiveness and everybody thought that Zeluwa has forgiven him. After the quarrel, the next day, Zeluwa (the Abakaliki man) informed his son about their quarrel and the son (Onyeka Utobo) now went out to confront Lotana Izeji (deceased) and they fought before people come to separate them. Zeluwa and his son started bragging that they must surely kill him before packing out of the compound. After that, they went inside waiting for night to fall. At about 8:00pm, they went to where his (deceased) building project was going on and confronted him again. People came around and advised him to go inside their compound which he did. Just then, one Lotana Igwe a cousin to Onyeka Utobo held him (Lotana Izeji) from behind while Onyeka Utobo stabbed him severally on the neck and slit his throat; he fell down and died instantly. After killing him, they ran into their room and their father locked them inside. When the siblings of the deceased saw what happened, they attempted to break the door of the room and the father of the suspects opened the window for them to escape.
According to the deceased's father, they called the Police that night and the father and mother of the suspect (Zeluwa and his wife) were arrested and are presently being detained at the SARS office Nnewi. On what the family intend to do, the father of the deceased said that first of all, they will try to complete the deceased's building since he would be buried in his own land, after which they will now go all out to pursue the case and see that justice is done at all cost. The deceased who is a mason is married with two children and his wife is presently pregnant. The Police has charged them to get hold of both suspects whenever they are found and equally assured them that they have spread their dragnet all over to apprehend the fleeing suspects.



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