Saturday, 4 April 2015

Wife Seeks for divorce Over Husband's Reckless Lifestyle

A housewife, Aisha Dauda, 29, has pleaded with a Karu Grade 1 Area Court in Abuja to dissolve her marriage, citing her husband’s reckless lifestyle as reason for seeking divorce.
Aisha said that their marriage was contracted on December 21, 2014, at Angwan Sherite Kabusa, Abuja, according to Islamic rites.

She told the court that her husband’s lifestyle was a cause for concern which makes him  misbehave.
“My husband does not live a good life; he goes out and comes back anytime he pleases.
“I have no interest in the marriage any longer and I plead with this  court to dissolve the marriage. I am willing to return his bride price and I will stay out of his life since I don’t have any child for him.
However, the husband, Dauda Mukaila, 40, denied the allegations, describing the  claims as  ‘baseless and false.’
“I have two wives living with me in Kabusa before I married her, but she left my house on January 25, to an unknown destination.
“I did not enjoy my marriage with her as the union lasted for just 34 days,” Dauda said.
“Since she wants to divorce me, I pray the court to order her to pay me N120,000 as expenses incurred during our marriage procedure,” he added.
Ppresident of the court, Hassan Ishaq, adjourned the case till April 9 for judgment.



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