Sunday, 19 April 2015

We Broke Record in Lagos State- TAN

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The Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN) has said that the  2015 Nigeria general elections witnessed a record-breaking phenomenon where  non-indigenes won election to represent the cosmopolitan Lagos State in the National and State Assemblies.

Today, In a statement issued by the group's Director of Media,  Afam Ilounoh, TAN said the election might have come and gone but the ripples it generated will abide eith us for quite some time.

He said one  of such ripples is the feat achieved through the efforts of TAN toward the election of non-indigenes to represent the cosmopolitan Lagos State in the National and State Assemblies
According to Ilounoh, "TAN in its characteristic manner threw in everything into canvassing support for the best candidates whether indigenes or non-indigenes during the campaigns and at the end of the day Nigerians from residing residing in the state who constitute over 75% in Lagos can now have people who will actually give them a voice and representation in the National and State Assemblies.

"It would be recalled that the last time a non-indigene was voted to represent Lagos state in any form of representative capacity was over seventy years ago when the legendary Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe was elected in the state. That was during his great partnership with great Adeniran Ogunsanya that spanned their political lives.
"Moments after the election of the sage, the nation fell abysmally into a political set up where primordial and other sentiments started playing crucial roles in getting a candidates elected into office at the expense of competence and capability.
"The implication of the ugly development is that round pegs continued to find themselves in square holes while mediocracy instead of meritocracy became the order of the day with its attendant negative effect on the growth and development of the most populous nation in Africa.
"With the significant contribution of TAN towards redressing this anomaly starting with the National Assembly election in Lagos state, it is obvious that the political advocacy group has indeed played a pivotal role in deepening democracy in Nigeria and as well take shine off the dreaded monster of political discrimination which has bedeviled the nation for long," he said .
Ilounoh expressed the believe that  with the outcome of the election, all Nigerians irrespective of the state of origin will begin to participate actively in the affairs of their host communities knowing fully well that there would always be a day of reckoning.
"TAN  expects that every states of the federation will begin to give non indigenes an enabling environment to contribute positively to the development of their host state, towns and communities as well as getting rewarded for their contributions.
"It is by so doing that peace and unity which has eluded the country because of unnecessary rivalry based on primordial sentiments of religion and ethnicity would be enthroned and sustained and Nigeria will be better for it.
"TAN congratulates the Nigerian residents and others who emerged victorious in the National and State Assemblies and other levels of elections in the country. It is our desire to remind them of the enormous responsibilities of making democratic dividends available to the electorates entrusted mandate into their hands," he added. 



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