Saturday, 4 April 2015

War of Words: Gov. Obiano Reacts to Hon. Ogene's Threat to Stop him from decaping to APC

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After Hon. Ogene had boasted that he would stop Gov. Obiano from entering APC, the governor has reacted thus:

"Our attention has been drawn to a publication in Thisday of April 4,
2015 with the caption: “Obiano not Welcome in APC, Vows Ogene,” which
is credited to one Hon Afam Ogene, the outgoing member representing
Ogbaru Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives.
Ordinarily, we do not respond to speculations, hawked around by
attention-seekers looking for a needless spat with public figures to
shore up their non-existent political capital. However, Hon. Ogene’s
laughable frothing in the mouth came at a time when the nation’s
appetite for sensational stories about political leaders is at the
keenest level and therefore deserves to be dismissed with a wave of
the hand before gullible members of the public begin to give him the
attention he so desperately needs at this moment.

The question is why would any serious person manufacture an
incredulous story in order to enable him issue a statement and cast
aspersions on the governor of Anambra State? The answer is simple,
after falling out of favour with his constituents and failing to get a
renewed mandate from the people, Hon. Afam Ogene is clutching at
straws to save his drowning political career. It may be necessary to
recall that Hon. Ogene’s career was built on quick sand in the first
place; starting off as one of the whimsical acts of political
patronage of the era that produced him. The erstwhile member of the
House of Reps has since discovered that sterling political careers do
not stand on legs of straws after he failed to make any impression on
the members of his constituents with his pointedly abysmal performance
in the legislative chambers.

Sadly, Ogene has continued to betray the poor political judgment that
cost him his congressional seat with his recent hoary attack on
Governor Obiano which he launched in the belief that such infantile
gambit would shore up his political value before the APC leadership
that is currently looking to heal the wounds of the recent
presidential elections and build a united country. If Ogene thought
that by demonizing Governor Obiano, he would win the approval of his
party leaders, he has simply shown himself as a political cretin;
incapable of seeing beyond his nose.

Afam Ogene’s handlers must advise him to retreat from the ignoble path
he has chosen for himself. It is not only unprofitable to seek to
build a career from hawking pale-faced propaganda but almost suicidal
to court unearned attention by attacking the people’s favourite
symbols of excellence.

While politics is known to be a game of possibilities, it may be
worthwhile to remind Ogene that Governor Obiano is fully aware that as
the Chairman BoT and National Leader of APGA, he carries the
socio-cultural mandate of a people who look up to him to preserve and
not betray it. It was in full awareness of the unction he carries on
behalf of the people of the South East zone that Governor Obiano
congratulated the President Elect, General Muhammadu Buhari on his
victory, assuring him of the support of Ndi Anambra and Ndigbo in his
impending effort to build a new Nigeria.

It may also be necessary to remind Ogene and his likes that Governor
Obiano’s antecedents as a technocrat and a man that keeps his words
are well known. His exploits as a high-performing governor who has
justified the confidence of his people with a resounding report card
after just one year in office is also well known. Consequently, any
attempt to diminish Governor Obiano with inchoate stratagems and
yellow journalism of the type that Victor Ogene is orchestrating in
the media will end in futility.

Candidly, somebody should please tell Hon. Afam Ogene that Governor
Willie Obiano, the Akpokuodike Aguleri is too busy building Anambra
and APGA to be distracted by political upstarts and cheap publicity


James Eze

Read the story of Hon. Ogene....Image result for pictures of Hon. Ogene and Obiano

Amid intense speculations that Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State is contemplating defecting from the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), to the All Progressives Congress (APC), a chieftain of APC and the member representing Ogbaru Federal Constituency, Mr. Victor Ogene, has vowed to stop the governor from defecting to APC.
In a statement in Awka, Ogene, said the governor’s entry into the APC would only stunt the expected resurgence of the party in the state and the entire South East geo- political zone.
Ogene, who is the deputy chairman, House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, wondered what value the governor would add to the APC, after abysmally leading APGA down the path of extinction through a combination of autocracy, vindictiveness, haughtiness and a crass disposition of self- adulation.
Ogene asked: “Is the man we are talking about not the one who, in the words of famed novelist, the late Chinua Achebe, had his palm kernel cracked for him by benevolent spirits, yet he refused to be humble. Where is former Governor Peter Obi? Where are the five House of Representatives members that Obiano inherited when he became governor? How many seats did he lead APGA to win in the just concluded elections? The questions are legion, yet very few optimistic answers.”
Ogene said that under the circumstance, he would advise Governor Obiano to remain in APGA and clean up the mess he instigated, before embarking on another political voyage.



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