Thursday, 9 April 2015

Shocking Story: Four Nigerian Students Die Mysteriously

<b>Four Nigerian Students In Georgia Dies Mysteriously</b> reports that the students whose pictures appear overleaf are Nigerians who died mysteriously abroad.

The mystery surrounding the shocking death of Four Nigerian students who are schooling in Georgia, is yet to be unravelled.

The young boys were found dead in an apartment on Vazha-Pshavela Avenue in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi yesterday night Wednesday April 8.
However, the police are of the opinion that the boys might have died from gas poisoning due to a faulty water heater in their apartment.

Their dead bodies were discovered when their friends became worried that they hadn't heard from the roommates all day, which was unusual.
Subsequently, they called police who broke into the students’ apartment and found their bodies. The bodies have been taken to the National Forensic Bureau.
Not yet convinced about the police claims, friends of the victims, who are Nigerians, say they want a proper investigation into what happened to the four boys.
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