Wednesday, 22 April 2015

President Jonathan Is An Exemplary Leader

Image result for pictures of President John Mahama Image result for pictures of President Jonathan

Ghanaian President, John Mahama, yesterday said the successful conduct of the 2015 elections in Nigeria has further enhanced the respect President Good­luck Jonathan has in the West African sub-region and international commu­nity.

Mahama spoke yester­day after meeting Jona­than at the Presidential Villa.
He said with the deci­sion of Jonathan to accept defeat in the election, he had set example for other African leaders to follow.
According to him, is­sues affecting the ECOW­AS sub-region came up for discussion at the meeting.
He said ECOWAS also commended Jonathan for his statesmanship and for conducting peaceful elec­tion.
Mahama said: “If you recall, before the elec­tions, on behalf of ECOW­AS, I gave a solidarity message to Nigerians to step up and consolidate your democracy by having a peaceful, free and trans­parent election.
“I have been conferring with President Jonathan on several issues in re­spect of ECOWAS. We are due to have a summit and we discussed issues about the summit and a few out­standing issues relating to ECOWAS.



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