Monday, 20 April 2015

Opinion: Gen. Buhari is Abraham Lincoln of Africa

By Yakub Aisha,

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LAST year, I wrote that if General Muhammadu Buhari could win the presidential election, then he would become Nigeria’s Abraham Lincoln, a former United States president who lost the presidential election on two occasions before finally winning to lead his country. Today, he is one of the best presidents America ever had.

In Nigeria, General Buhari had also lost on three previous occasions. In his third loss in 2011, he wept openly, saying he would never contest in an election again in the country.
However, Buhari, at 72, believes he has something to contribute to the development of this country.
He then gave the presidency another shot, and I believe he would have said this would be his last try, considering his age.
Now that he has won the election, he has, therefore, become Nigeria’s Lincoln.
We don’t need to go to America in search of someone with courage, determination and persistence.
We just need to tell our younger generation that one of our presidents, General Buhari, tried several times before finally winning on the fourth try.
I used to think it was only Lincoln who has this strong will to bounce back from defeats. Our president-elect is a lesson for us all.
It is, however, not only in politics that we should be determined; we should apply this Buhari’s never-give-up attitude in our daily lives, marriages, business, and at the end of the day, we will succeed.



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