Thursday, 30 April 2015

NLC Commends Gov. Obiano for Been Friendly to Workers

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Hours to the commemoration of the 2015 Workers Day, Labour leaders in
Anambra State have lauded the governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie
Obiano for taking the welfare of workers in the state to a new height and
setting a precedent in government and labour relations.

The Labour leaders who spoke in an exclusive interview in Awka to herald
the May Day celebration were unanimous in their position that Governor
Obiano had shown remarkable compassion in his relationship with the
organized labour, paying attention to their sensibilities and listening to
their needs.
Describing Obiano as a “Labour-friendly Governor,” the newly elected
Anambra State Chairman of NLC, Comrade Jerry Nnubia and the State Chairman
of the TUC, Comrade Okechukwu Ifeanyi observed that the governor had shown
extraordinary commitment towards the welfare and working conditions of
workers in Anambra State.

Enumerating the governor’s notable gestures to workers in the past one
year, Comrade Nnubia pointed at promotion and advancement, an increase in
workers’ salaries, opening of employment window, payment of a huge backlog
of arrears of salaries owed Water Corporation staff, payment of Local
Government Pensioners, the gifting bags of rice to workers among others and
finally submitted that, “from what governor Obiano has done so far, I think
it is clear that he is favourably disposed towards the welfare of workers
in Anambra State.”
Corroborating the NLC Chariman, the State Chairman of the TUC, Comrade
Okechukwu Ifeanyi observed that “the Pharaoh that knows Joseph has come to
the throne.’’ Hailing the governor for donating a brand new Nissan bus to
the TUC for the first time since it came into existence in Anambra State,
Comrade Ifeanyi noted that governor Obiano has proved that he has the
political will to formulate policies and execute programmes which he said
enabled him to approve the 15 percent increase in the salary of civil
servants in Anambra State.

The TUC boss further explained that “the adjustment entails that the Local
Government staff on grade level 10 receives same amount with the civil
servant in the State civil service,” stressing that, “for the past ten
years, successive governments in Anambra State failed to carry out the
adjustment in the spirit of justice, equity and fairness, claiming that a
huge capital was needed to settle the high number of workers if the
adjustment was effected.

“But when Governor Obiano came on board, he corrected the anomaly and today
there is parity in salaries received by civil servants in theState and
Local Government levels. We are happy with governor Obiano for listening
ear to our cries,” Comrade Ifeanyi stated.

The TUC boss also hailed the governor for cementing the bond between the
two labour bodies in the state, stressing that “since the coming of the
Obiano administration, NLC and TUC have been operating at par and having a
fair share of entitlements.”

The labour leaders however used the opportunity to plead for a greater
consideration by Governor Obiano, saying, “We are like Oliver Twist and
we’ll continue to ask for more especially when we have a governor who has a
listening ear. We need a little adjustment in the salary, let me not call
it minimum wage. His Excellency, Governor Obiano should continue to adjust
our salary. We believe that one day, our salary will be at par with that of
Federal Government workers. We want Anambra State to become the first State
to have workers’ salary at par with their counterparts at the Federal
level. We look forward to that,” Comrade Ifeanyi enthused and urged his
co-workers, “to be more dedicated to duty and work diligently because to
whom much is given, much is expected.”

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