Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Man Dies In Swimming Pool at Sex Party

Nigerian swinger, 35 year old Edmund Echukwu (pictured left) died after drowning in a swimming pool at a swingers' party in an upmarket village in the UK last week. The father of three, was pulled from the pool of a £3million mansion in Radlett, Hertfordshire where a James Bond-themed sex party was happening last Friday night, March 27th. Other guests at the party tried to revive him but were unable to. He was pronounced dead at Watford General Hospital hours later.
The organizers of the party, Richard Stanley, 66, and his partner Janet Harrison, 58, said guests brought their own alcohol to the party and Mr Echukwu had been seen drinking from a bottle of Jack Daniel's'. He was with a woman when he suddenly lost balance in the pool and drowned.
It was the first time, according to his friends, that Edmund, who worked as a care worker, would attend a sex-party.



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