Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Lawmakers Are Unfit to Freeze LG Account- Embattled Gov. Elechi Replies Ebonyi State Assembly Members

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Gov. Elechi
Barely 24- hours after the Ebonyi State House of Assembly passed
resolutions seeking the freezing of local government account and
discontinuation of the sale of forms for the allocation of stalls at
the Ochudo International Market, Governor Martin Elechi has said that
the House acted outside the ambit of the law and lack powers to pass
such resolution.

While reacting on the resolutions, Governor Martin Elechi, who said
that the resolution was optional to the executive arm of government,
added that it was only  a court of competent jurisdiction that has
powers to order for the freezing of local government account.
A press statement signed by the Chief Press Secretary to Governor
Elechi, Dr. Onyekachi Eni, said the legislators acted outside the
range of its power describing their action as ultra vires  even as he
urged local government caretaker committee chairmen and development
centre coordinators to ignore the resolution and forge ahead with
their businesses.
The statement read in part, “The House of Assembly has no power to
freeze the accounts of Local Governments, Development Centers or any
other agencies of government because such powers reside with the
Executive arm of government.
“It is only a court of law with competent jurisdiction that can order
the freezing of any accounts of government or persons. The said
resolution of the house being outside the range of its powers, is
ultra vires and without effect. Consequently, the Local Governments
and Development Centers are hereby urged to ignore the resolution and
carry on with their lawful businesses of service delivery to the
Contrary to the legislators reason for the stoppage of the allocation
of the stalls on ground that the construction of the market had not be
completed, Governor Elechi explained that out of the 7070 stalls which
is  the full capacity of the market, a total number of about 5600
stalls have already  been completed on which forms were sold.
“The sales of forms for the allocation of stalls are for the already
completed ones and not for the uncompleted components.  Even at that,
many state governments develop their markets on the basis of "build
and operate" principle in which the traders bear the cost of
construction of such markets without government's financial input.
Elechi, who further drew the attention of the legislators to a pending
suit in court challenging them to sit and carry out any business
following the declaration of some seats vacant called on the lawmakers
to behave themselves and give peace a chance.
“Apart from the fact that the resolutions passed by the House have no
force of law, we further note that there are pending suits before the
Federal High Court challenging the capacity and legality of the House
to sit and conduct any business given the announced vacation of the
seats of some members of the Assembly which reduces the number to less
than 24 and renders the house inoperable going by section 91 of the
constitution of Nigeria.

“While all those cases are pending, the least expected of the house is
to conduct itself with decorum and to give peace a chance. We remind
members of the house and all concerned that even if the Elechi
administration has only one day to run its full course, they still
have a responsibility to accord the Governor and all institutions and
agencies of government their due respect and cooperation in the
interest of peace, orderly transition and sustainable development of
Ebonyi state”, he said.



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