Thursday, 9 April 2015

Kaduna APC Stalwarts Preach Change

‎Kaduna State House of Assembly (KDHA) members elected on the platform
of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and concerned stakeholders made of the party Chieftains have called on the good people of the state to embrace the wind of change and vote the APC in the forthcoming
Saturday polls.

Addressing newsmen at the ‎KDHA complex, the minority leader Honourable Muhammad Ali flanked by the other members of the APC stressed that, "as members of the  Kaduna State House of Assembly,
representing various constituencies across the state, it has become
imperative for us to call out on all citizens and Nigerians living,
working or trading in Kaduna state to come out on Saturday to cast
their votes for APC/change.

In a separate press briefing by concerned stakeholders made up of
chieftains of the party, the group also stressed that, "we must also
recognise the outcome of the presidential elections and take cue from
the fact that we voted for change at the national level. We must also
vote for change at the state level.

According to the concerned stakeholders in their text read by former
Commissioner of Education in the state Mr Maitamaki  Tom Maiyashi
flanked by the former Federal Permanent Secretary Dr Hakeem Baba Ahmed
who vied for Senate but lost,and a Governorship Aspirant and director
general of the Progresive Governors Forum Salihu Lukman, admonished
the people that, "by voting for change, you become masters of your own

The State Assembly members further stated, "you will agree with us
that our choice is necessary because‎ of the many somersaults of the
leadership style of the present Kaduna State government which has made
it impossible for citizens to know with certainty the direction the
Yero led government is taking and where they are leading the state to.

"Fellow citizens, be informed that hope only comes to a people when
policy directions are driven by the real needs of the people and in
their best interest. Policies driven by personal interest or the needs
of a "Godfather"‎ have been seen to fail and surrender to them at this
crucial stage of our history as a people, marks a loss of sovereignty
and descend into feudal patronage and corruption."

‎The stakeholders on their part maintained, "as stakeholders in the
Kaduna project, we believe that the choice we make on Saturday will
determine the future of 0kaduna State and the future of our children."

It also stressed that "for the past 16 years, the Peoples Democratic
Party (PDP) has held sway in Kaduna and the results have been
catastrophic, PDP has divided our people, made them poorer and stolen
our common heritage, now we have the power to right those wrongs, we
must collectively say yes to change in Kaduna, that way we can change
our destinies and the future of our state for the better."

Both the State Assembly members and the APC concerned stakeholders
therefore called on the people to massively vote for APC in the
gubernatorial and House of Assembly elections come April 11.




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