Thursday, 30 April 2015

Gov. Willie Should Learn A Hard Lesson---Victor Umeh Charges APGA Elders


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During the mediation and peace meeting held yesterday at Onitsha.
Sir Victor Umeh took over the agenda of the meeting ,it was centered on what he wants.
Victor demands that the following must be granted to him before he can call any APGA NATIONAL CONVENTION.

[1]The payment agreement he had with Willie,which was that he will be paying him monthly through out his tenure ,that he want all of the money calculated and pay to him once
[2] That Willie should bring out enough money and buy him judgement at the Tribunal so that he will be going to the Senate as agreed before he named him as APGA candidate
[3] That Willie must vacate the position of BOT CHAIRMAN for him and be contented with APGA leader only ,the party he laboured for 13 years cannot just put him aside as nothing
[4] That he will decide who will be the APGA Chairman and not Willie
Few days before the election ,the Governor signed all the pending Job certificates for the Contractors ,he promised to pay them immediately after the election. After the election the contractors went to collect the Cheques or receive transfer alerts ,only to be told that there is no money for now.
Ngozi Okoye the protocol lady who was set up because she worked with Obi was recalled ,but the wife of the Governor swore that it cannot happen ,that she do not want to see her ,in alternative she was forced to move to Department of Science and Tech



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