Friday, 17 April 2015

Commotion in Kaduna as Hundreds of Defunct PHCN Staff Protest Non-Payment of their Salaries

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(this picture is for emphasises because we did not snap the protesters) reports that there was commotion at Kaduna State today as the aggrieved casual workers of  PHCN,  now called Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company stormed the said office situated  along Ahmadu Bello Kaduna demanding for  their salaries.
The casual workers who were in their hundred, were led by Moses Amedu, the North –West Assistant Secretary of the National Union of Electricity Employee. They also complained of haphazard salary payment and also accused the management for using their salaries to purchase luxury cars for the management of the company.

The casual works also   attempted to put the office under lock and key, but the timely intervention of the attached security personnel to the office that saved the day. They as well, accused the management of the company for refusing to hold dialogue with the union on the issue of over and under payment of salaries as well as, employment of fifteen thousand persons.   

In swift reaction, the  Head of Cooperate  communications, Malam Abdul-Aziz Abdullahi told media men that, the casual workers have gave the management two weeks ultimatum over the issue and the ultimatum has not expired, but they just jumped the gun by going to the media. “They gave the management their letter of ultimatum and it not true that the management is avoiding them, the issue, is our MD has traveled to Abuja for a meeting and he has sent a delegation to them to times.” He explained. 

Malam Abdulaziz further said,   “their work has expired with the former PHCN we are not the ones that employed them and I want assured you that we are going to pay them the money for as the money for the payment is on ground and once we get guideline, we will commence the payment.”
   He pointed out that, the problem was that,” we discovered a lot of discrepancy in the payroll, as even those that leave the service were been paid up their salaries, and we paid them the January, February and March Salary this year “
According to him, “some of the casual workers were over paid and we have put measures in place to recover the money from those who were over paid, we inherited a system that is illegal and is not binding on us to pay casual workers.
 On the casual workers claimed that, the management has already employed fifteen thousand workers, Malam Abdulaziz  said,  “ I want assured you that, is not true

" All staff whose with the company expired will be given priority in the company recruitment excise because of their experience and dedication." He said.

He added, contrary to speculation that the management has penciled down some names to replace the present staff, the door is open to
everybody who is interested and the present core of staff will be given priority because the company cannot do without them especially those who are productive.

while  reacting to the accusations that some pensioners’ entitlements for four months have not been paid, the Head of Corporate Affairs said that the money has been deposited with the organization but the marketing operator who deposited the money did not give details of how the money will be disbursed.

  According to him," yes we have received the money from the marketing operator and the money is already in our account, but the mistake is from the marketing operator who did not indicate how the money will be paid and we have officially written to them to furnish us with details, which we expect any time from now." END



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