Saturday, 4 April 2015

Behold Nigeria's Next Senate President as David Mark Bows Out

Bukola Saraki
The next Senate President of Nigeria is Distinguish Sen Abubakar Bukola Saraki of Kwara Central Senatorial District, Kwara state, North Central Nigeria .The ultimate measure of a capacity leaders lies in the Number of structures and committed followers he/she possessed.

 It is no more a news Or rumour that Senator Bukola Saraki is one of the political gladiator in today nigeria politics, haven held various political offices including Adviser to President Olusegun Obasanjo within 1999-2003, Governor of kwara state, 2003-2011, also chairman of uncontroversial Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF), presidential aspirant 2011 and serving/Re- Elected Senator of Fed Rep of Nig under the new amalgamated opposition party Now known as Governing Party All Progressive congress. I

It is well establish that the leader of kwara politics is an erudite with finess background, dedicated with self determination, every nigerians became amazes as he took a bold step to defect from People democratic party PDP in 2014, many regard his action as the biggest risk ever taken by any politician in nigeria, his contribution to have see the victory for the APC in the just conclude presidential election is notable and commendable, has a leader, gladiator and big wing of new Nigeria project, he did not only deliver his state kwara to APC in presidential election but he showed capacity by delivery APC in all March 28th Election in the state very uncommon and first time in history when Gen. Win kwara majority votes. 

This has proved beyond reasonable doubt that his charisma and charability hold more than just a senate floor member in the Red carpet chamber where Majority lies in the APC, it could have been a game of contest if Sen. Ngige was return by Anambra central just because they close in experience profile but far in structure and capacity, has a nigerian with outstanding profile who inherit and consolidate genieuely on the political, philanthropic and moral gesture of his late father Late chief Dr. Abubakar olusola Saraki oloye. 

The legacy has not surfer any set back. But rather progress, it is essential we look beyond physical appearance of a man, the wind of change as commence, it must circulate and the stability of any Government is most justify with strong parliament. Nigerians are more secure and more save in the Hand of Gen Muhammad Buhari as president and Sen. Bukola Saraki as Senate President, this implies Old experience with integrity and youthful sense, exposure and competency will fast rack the Change we have all worked, clamour and desire. Here the change has come, we must uphold all constructive tactics to implement the change.

Recall that the results of National Assembly elections held last Saturday by the INEC, showed that the South East Geo-Political Zone may have lost the opportunity to produce the next Senate President of Nigeria.

The Zone did not vote for any candidate of the APC in the last election, thereby shutting out itself in the reckoning for such a post.

From the results posted by the INEC, the South East neither returned any of its APC senators nor voted for any new candidate to emerge on the platform of the APC.
Consequently, Senate President David Mark is said to be begging APC to give him the position.
It was learnt that the non-availability of any ranking APC Senator from the region to take the slot of Senate President might compel APC to zone the slot to the North Central, where David Mark hails from.

Mark would have emerged the best choice given his rich background and experience, his membership of the PDP, which will now be in the minority in the next Senate, knocks him out of the reckoning for the post.
APC has won no fewer than 65 seats in the last NASS election pushing PDP with 44 Senators to the second position in the upper legislative chambers.
But there was unconfirmed report on Wednesday that Mark was being pressured by political interests to defect to the APC after the inauguration of the National Assembly in order to retain his post.
But it is not possible for any Senator to decamp to any other party until after being sworn in.
A source told Our reporter: “The truth of the matter is that you cannot decamp to any party after election until you are sworn in. It is not an issue now and I don’t think that anybody should contemplate that at all and even the opposition party will not even welcome you.
No way for Mark — APC chieftain
But an APC chieftain has said that it was not possible to concede the Senate Presidency to Benue State after it had occupied the post for eight years through David Mark.
The official said that there was no way APC would accept Mark as its Senate President since there were many qualified Senators from other states in the North Central to occupy the post.
It was learnt that given the absence of any ranking APC Senator from the South East or South South, the APC would still retain the Senate Presidency in the North Central but pick from another state.
Kwara State Senator, Dr. Bukola Saraki, is being considered for the top post. But if APC keeps the post in Benue, the Senate Minority Leader, George Akume, is likely to emerge as the Senate PresidentImage result for pictures of bukola saraki



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