Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Anti-Party: PDP Chieftain Reveals How He Worked For Emergency of APC Candidates in The 2015 General Election

The former Governor of Plateau state and current chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, Ambassador Fidelis Tapgun, says he worked for the success of the All Progressives Congress in the general elections.
Tapgun attributed his decision to work for the APC to the injustice perpetrated against party members and the impunity of state governors who imposed their ‘surrogates’ as candidates for the election at various levels.

The former governor, who addressed journalists at his Jos country house on Tuesday, said that the PDP was divided, adding that the victory of the APC at the federal and state levels was not surprising because people saw it coming.
Tapgun said that he and some of the governorship aspirants warned President Goodluck Jonathan about the impending fall of the party but were ignored.
The former governor accused the President of allowing PDP governors to hijack the party.
He said, “I contributed to the success of the APC in the state because my party failed. My party failed to zone the governorship to the southern part and that was the greatest error made by the party. The APC fortunately zoned the governorship to the southern part and it won.
“Contributing to the APC victory was not because we were gratified, it was not hidden at all; it was not done behind the scene. We openly said that we were going to work against the PDP in Plateau State and we kept our promise.
“We are PDP; we are not going out and we did it to the end. So, the success of the APC is on the platform of the PDP and we are not ashamed of and it is good to show people that whenever you don’t perform you will be kicked out.”



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