Sunday, 19 April 2015

Anambra: See the Names of Non-Anambra North People Gov. Obiano Wish to Sack

By Mazi Odera-Igbo

Gov. Willie Obiano is set to effect changes in his Cabinet, as follows:
1. Her wife insists all those suspected of having affairs with with home, eg, SA Tourism and the lady who served in the hotel Willie was during electioneering, Trig Point- must to go.The Governor will make that sacrifice

2.Commissioner for Works, Arc Callistus Ilozumba to go. Though Willie acknowledges and appreciates his honesty, he is not comfortable with him because the man, unlike others, have always told him the truth. All efforts he made to turn the man against Mr. Peter Obi failed.
3. Barr Obodo Ejesieme, the man behind his legal successes. He is annoyed that Obodo has never coined a legal terms that will make all the former employees to bad mouth Obi . He would have sacked him since, but he is afraid the havoc it may bring to him, eg, Ejesieme knew the entire fact about his double registration and many hidden facts about him. Obodo, for instance knows how he declared houses he does not have in his Code of Conduct form and as it is ,i do not think it is wise to tangle with another Lawyer since the removal of Bar Joe Martins Uzodike ,the lawyer is exploding all over the place and to add another Lawyer to that list will spell double trouble.
4 commissioner for Information: Gov. Willie wants to sack Mr. Tony Onyima for kicking against some of his actions such as the videos on Obi and the turning of the ABS as an instrument of attack of his Enemies. Tony is also having problem with Chief Victor Umeh for failing to obey the 60:40 sharing arrangement, which victor has with all those that came in through him.
5. Njideka Oraedum, the former ASWAMA boss was said to have worked so hard in the last election and is expecting gratitude. She is working behind scene to be made the Commissioner for Women Affairs. She confided to her friends that she is giving Akopkue everything he wanted. She has been reaching Obiano through Ubanese who is maybe getting everything he wanted from her also.
6. Chief Ben Obi, Mbuze Agulu is reaching out. He said he had assisted so many governors in different capacities and that time was ripe for him to be appointed even if it means Willie creating the Ministry of on- going Projects.
7: Emeka Asonya is being recommended by Obiano's wife. She wants the young lman on board because, according to her, he is the only one with the liver to challenge Chief Ubanese.
8. Emeka Aforka. He lobbied to be made a Commissioner when Akpokue became governor. He is still lobbying to be made commission for youths and sports.
9 Maja umeh. He was a commissioner under Obi for four yeas. He wants to come back as a commissioner in any portfolio. He is hungry and needs rehabilitation.
10. Tony Nnaecheta, the Commissioner for Youths and Sports. He is in bad books of Willie's wife who insists he must leave. He fought with Willie's wife over sure p programme, which is now in her office.
11. Valentine Obienyem: Willie Obiano has reached the young man through many emissaries . He is offering to make him the commissioner for Information to extract him from Peter Obi
12. Dr. Okey Ikechukwu: he told a friend that the man has a first rate brain and he wants to make him the SSG, but Okey's friend insisted that Okey, a refined gentleman, will not work with a drunkard.
[13] SSG Oseloka Obaze has been marked for sack long before now for the fact that HE worked with Obi and that he was good at his work .His phones were tapped,his I PAD cloned,his movement monitored 24/7 to see if he can be removed as a Mole in Government house ,but now ,guilty or not ,he must go
13 primus Odili: Is more competent than Phil Chinwuba who was made ASWAMA MD. He may be moved to the rank of commissioner .
Meanwhile, willie, shocked that he lost Anaocha 1and 2 in spite the N500 Million released to Chief Victor Umeh He did not go to Church today. He has ordered ABS not to announce the victory.



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