Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Uromi, Late Prof. Ambrose Ali's Family killed by Gen. Buhari vows to Pay Him Back

By Justin Kingland

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While speaking at Uromi "mother of all rallies",Mrs Rosemary Ali,the daughter of late Professor Ambrose Ali wept uncontrollably and said this is the pay back time for Buhari for killing her father.
Professor Ambrose Ali,the first civilian Governor of former Bendel state and founder of Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma,was killed during Buhari's administration According to her,his father was maltreated and detained by Buhari in 1983.She went ahead to say that Gen. Buhari denied her father access to medical treatment despite being severely ill and also left him to perish in prison while being transferred on a stretcher from prison to prison.
She wept uncontrollably,recalling what Ali's family suffered in the hands of Buhari while pleading to Buhari to grant their sick dad access to medical treatment.She said all attempt to persuade heartless Buhari to help their dying father was abortive.
She said this election is the pay back time for Buhari's wickness.,,
chai chai chai!! grand pa really shattered many homes with his draconian style of leadership only for him to come back to tell us boldly that it will be wicked to judge him based on his actions during the military regime, okay, what of his action after the 2011 presidential elections of April 16?
Some times i wonder why some people are been delusional. Ask your self, how many fulani men did he put into prison?
you see what the fulani herdsmen are doing today across the nation will be a child's play to what they will turn into when their messiah becomes president. recall he is one of those who kicked against establishment of ranches across the nation so that their reckless actions can be contained .
all fulanis including el rufai are like that,,,,,
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