Saturday, 21 March 2015

Those Behind Shifting of the 2015 general elections exposed!

Leader of Oodua People's Congress (OPC), Dr. Fredrick Fasheun has exposed himself as one of those behind the plot to shift the 2015 presidential poll date from February 14 to March 28th, claiming that had the election held on February 14th "rigging had been perfected for General Muhammadu Buhari".

Nigeria's Federal Government and ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) had offered the excuse that the Nigerian troops were to carry out a special operations against insurgents in the Northeast apparently to buy some time for the PDP to work out a winning formula for President Goodluck Jonathan to win the election at all cost.
Speaking during a Post National Conference gathering sponsored by Ondo State Gov. Olusegun Mimiko, Dr. Fasheun bragged that when it became clear that President Jonathan was going to lose the election he called a few influential people and urged them to shift the election date, he said that fortunately they listened to him and the election date was shifted. The revelation by Dr. Fasheun shows that President Jonathan had used the book Haram fight as an alibi to feather his political ambition.



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