Wednesday, 4 March 2015

School Bans 13 old girl from attending class for dying her hair

Image for the news result A-13 old teenager in has been placed in 'isolation' by her secondary school which has a ban on 'unnatural' hair colours after she dyed her hair red. 

Alana Harrison, 13, has been told by management at King James's school in Huddersfield, west Yorkshire that she will not be allowed into classes until she changes the colour of her hair. 

Her family said that the Year 8 pupil from Kikheaton, west Yorkshire faces a long period away from her classmates because the colour in her hair was permanent
Alana Harrison, 13, pictured, has been told she cannot attend classes until the red hair colour is removed
Alana's mother Mandy said any attempt to change the colour now would cause damage to her daughter's hair. She said the hairdresser even contacted the school to confirm this fact. 

The schools said that the rules are very clear. They are in every student’s planner, tutors regularly remind pupils and a letter was sent home with every pupil in February reminding parents about the rules.
In January pupil Oscar Ward, 16, spent many days in isolation at King James’s when he turned up with a bleach blond Mohican haircut. He has since changed his hairstyle to comply.



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