Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Read How Odera-Igbo Communed With Gov. Obiano's e-Rats


My Dear E rats ,welcome to this special breakfast ,I am grateful for this and also happy that you all made it. First I want to congratulate you for this onerous task of caging APGA ALAIGBO the Echeta Egwu Atuba Politicians in Exile ,it is not an easy job.I will only console you because what you are doing even though it,s a mirage but it will help to sharp your vision and also build you for future ,so now come with me ,bring your reading glasses and your sense ,if your sense is out dated kindly go and borrow from your friend or enemy but just come with a functional brain.

I understand what they asked you to do is to shout ,spit ,curse ,jerk off ,cry blue murder and piss on your device whenever APGA ALAIGBO wrote something ,because there is this great trepidation na oga ede kwa ozo ,but the truth is that I am not writing anything against the Governor ,unless somebody got to show me where I have writing anything against Gov Obiano ,mostly what I do is to point to him areas that needs attention. This is not apology nor explanation to curry favor ,it is establishing the great fact for the benefit of this breakfast.

Whenever I said enough of playing kind with Gov Obiano ,then , it is time to criticize his government ogaghi enye anubody onu ,by then this few IKWURIGBAS that rave and rant will simply find another level where they can operate ,after all onaghi abu araro esibe ogologo [you cannot measure height with somebody who is 2 feet taller than you ,you can only measure if both of you are equal ].

This acute maggotic brains that always send me death threats or those that curses me in 72 languages will simply see a brand new Mazi ,a man that believe in –YOU PUNCH ME ,I DECK YOU ,a man amaro onye nwuru nu uzu akwa ya na afio ,sincerely all I have been doing is for a better ANAMBRA state ,all I am doing so far is to let my Governor re-dedicate self to the job of Governance and not the present distraction which the TOMB RAIDER lured him into ,I know that it can never end well because I know of this man from ENUGWU UKWU who is a merchant ,He will go to ONUICHA Main market ,fight and during case debating and settlement ,he will win . He goes to EKE UKE and same thing will repeat itself ,he moves to OKA via AMAOBIA the same thing,if he eventually go to his town market ofu ife ahu na eme ,so one day his Umunna call him and tell him that if he is not the problem ,then the problem lives in him and that it why it attracts trouble wherever he goes..moving on

Sir Victor Umeh has a history and I will not repeat it here because I have done that enough but let me refresh our minds ,,,CHEKWAS OKORIE,GOV ROCHAS OKOROCHA ,PROF CHARLES SOLUDO ,CHIEF IFEANYI UBAH ,IYOM UCHE EKWUNIFE,NICHOLAS UKACHUKWU ,PETER OBI and counting ,they,ve all done some deals with the TOMB RAIDER and none of them come out with smiles on their faces .

So when I advise the Governor ,it is not that I am trying to rubbish him ,I am only trying to save us our state and future ,a place that was known for very bad Governance ,very bad individuals ,a place so bad that they coined a phrase for it “HOME FOR ALL CRIMINALS” until we experience that touch of OKWUTE from where he lead us from the dungeon into the light and we became the LIGHT OF THE NATION IN EVERYTHING ,so when I speak I speak as an ORACLE of the state ,who saw it before and see where we are heading to ,then brought out his GONG and start ministration to avoid going back to the dark days.

My Dear e-RATS ,ejirom ujo welu to okorobia ,and please stop sending me threats or cursing me ,it does,nt solve the problem instead it creates more of it . I did not consider any of you an enemy ,I consider your frustration on how to stop this raging ORACLE that seats under the great AKU ILU tree ,munch the seed and shout –chei aku ilu a na enu ajo ilu [He seats under the Bitter cola tree and eat the seed ,then exclaim .HOW BITTER IS THE COLA] ,this is a man who can be said to have un-alloyed support for PETER OBI not because Obi gave him money or support ,for we all know that the man is Multi Billionaire in all currency far back before he even think of Politics but giving is not part of his culture and it is because he has that ARADITE GLUED HAND that made him to lift ANAMBRA from the dungeon unto the great tabernacle where he left us.

Had it been he joined the chopping class ,he would,ve left us a CARTON of debt ,but I digress ,why I brought him into this discuss is to tell us that ,I gave him my royalty not because of any enticement but because of what he did to my state ,even though my Town did not benefit much but the state including the ,sorry mostly the ANAMBRA NORTH where he cross carpeted EXPRESS ROADS as if he is painting a house ,he gave them connecting roads that toured the state from all angle and he topped it up by giving them a GOVERNOR .Meaning that atimes that aka gum di ok but not nke jeziri extreme.

During his Tenure ,I gave him ji na aja too ,but his own is that when you express opinion instead of getting CURSED you get action toward the complain. He get too committed to carry out people oriented projects that other states started iro nro ka PETER OBI chiba fa but nke afu bu nro iba
If you complain that your town do not have road to Gov Obi ,in less than 24 hours his MEDIA ASSISTANT will be on the phone explaining to you and his commissioner will be writing you an explanation on where ,why and how it is going ,but contrast it with what you get from the incumbent ,his E –rats WILL curse your father ,your mother ,your sister and if that is not enough the retards among them will tell you how they use humans for suya and that they will eat you alive ,as if they have monopoly for violence .
Atimes I wonder if some of them are circumstantial BOKO HARAM member because they think with their guns and meat cleaver and not brain, unless they have maggots in their brains in place of gray matters.
So my Dear E rats ,what you should be doing is ,rebutting issues with glaring facts ,such as ,,if I say that WILLIE IS WALKING and not WORKING ,you show us where he is working and not to curse me in 72 languages as if that is the answers ,,,read my lips ,you only show the reading population that isi adiro unu nma . Simply drag me by the ears and show me ,how he is working at so so and so places.

If I say that out of the 200 MOU’S he,ve signed and not even one has started implementations ,what you should do is to shove it down my lying throat by telling us ,the ones that is ongoing ,where it is sighted ,when it was signed and the level of progress recorded.

When I jump out and cry that all the STATE PROPERTIES sold to that BRICK LAYING company that claims expertise ,I mean CARDINAL DEVELOPERS such as ONUICHA HOTEL,IKENGA SHOPPING MALLS ,NNEWI SHOPPING MALL are not working or have stopped any development process ,you simply get the update and shame me so bad that I will eat my own shit ,but No ,all you do is to curse me in 72 languages as if that is the answer to such .

In conclusion my dear E –rats ,I want to advise you that this is not about the GOVERNOR coming from your side ,it is not about it is your turn .This is about laying a solid foundation for the ANAMBRA NORTH POLITICAL FUTURE ,it is about casting the name of ANAMBRA NORTH on a stretch of MARBLE ,if not ask ndi IHIALA what they are getting in Anambra because they produced Mbadinuju ,presently oga afia aru ndi Ihiala iweputa mmadu ka that person secure Victory at state level .

Anambra di nma odiri mu na gi and odi njo it will affect us and also our children and with that I crave your permission to end the lecture and thanks for attending ,see you on next breakfast ,which will be coming from time to time and it is mandatory for you all.

Gentleman Oderaigbo ,the ODERA with a DIFFERENCE
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