Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Read Governor Obiano's Full Speech on the 30th Anniversary of ABS Radio and Television


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First, I want to thank our brother, in-law and friend, Professor Pat
Okedinachi Utomi, for accepting to come to Awka to deliver the great
Lecture we have just listened to.

Through the years, Prof. Utomi has established himself in our consciousness
as an important voice in national discourse. And we have all seen the
reason why that is so today. From the ovation given to him, it is evident
that he has done justice to the Lecture*.* Prof. Utomi, I say thank you
once again and welcome to Anambra State – *Light of the Nation*!

Ndi Anambra, today’s event is dear to me - it comes 13 days to the First
Anniversary of my administration. So, it is gratifying to see that when we
look back to the last 12 months, we are happy to note that Anambra
Broadcasting Service has experienced the wind of change that is blowing
across Anambra State today.

Ladies and gentlemen, experience has shown that no truly accountable and
democratic society can thrive without a robust media. My administration is
fully aware of the growing importance of the media in a world that is
essentially driven by the hunger-to-know … stimulated by the media and
satisfied by the same media. We are aware that without a powerful
information dissemination organ, the giant strides we have made in building
a New Anambra state will not be known to Ndi Anambra. But perhaps more
importantly, we are also aware that we cannot effectively build a New
Anambra without first building a New ABS.

Armed with this awareness and dissatisfied with the present status of this
great heritage, we resolved to overhaul, rebrand and reposition ABS to
fulfil its mandate to the government and people of Anambra State. In line
with our resolution, we invested heavily in the procurement of ultra-modern
digital equipment that have just arrived and will be fully installed and
ready to use in less than six weeks. I have been assured by the experts
that when fully operational, the new equipment will place ABS on the
commanding height of the broadcasting industry in the entire South East of

Ndi Anambra, as part of our efforts to create a formidable broadcasting
brand, I inaugurated a new Board of Directors for the new ABS yesterday.
The Board is headed by our own Nn’emeka Maduegbuna, a veteran broadcaster
and communications guru whose wife is also a famous broadcaster. When I
inaugurated the Board yesterday, I challenged Nn’emeka and his colleagues
to turn ABS into another CNN. And I have no doubt that they will give Ndi
Anambra just that.

Ladies and gentlemen, my administration holds the media in high esteem. So,
while we have invested so much in buying new equipment and retooling our
processes, we are also aware that equipment alone cannot give us the
world-class media and entertainment outfit that we desire. Consequently, we
have resolved to train the staff of ABS, hire fresh talents that will bring
a new excitement to the airwaves and adopt some global best practices in
broadcasting that will make ABS compare quite favourably to CNN and other
top Nigerian stations. So, Ndi Anambra, it is a new day for ABS! It is a
new day for Anambra State! It is a new day for us all!

In conclusion, as we round off the first year of my administration, I wish
to call on the good people of Anambra State, to embrace the new spirit of
Anambra which has been the driving force of my administration in the past
one year.

The spirit of Anambra is that restless voice inside every one of us that
constantly urges us towards excellence. It is a path-finding spirit that
leads us to the road less travelled. It is a can-do spirit that nudges us
to become masters of our own universe. It is the spirit behind the flyovers
that are springing up in Awka today and the spirit that will lead ABS to
the commanding height of broadcasting in Nigeria! This is the spirit that
everyone of must strive to have!

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your kind attention!

*Willie Obiano*
Governor Anambra State



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