Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Public Health Consultants Advocate for Establishment of Mortuary Schools

Public Health Consultants Advocate for Establishment of Mortuary Schools

Consultants in the public health have advocated for establishment of schools where all the morticians practising in the country would acquire basic training and formal education in their field of endeavour.

They opined that adequate training and retraining of mortuary attendants on safe handling of corpses would contribute immensely towards universal infection control and epidemics.

Speaking in a-one day workshop recently organised by the Anambra State Ministry of Health, a-resource person and an Associate Professor of Pathology in the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Dr. Dr. Igwebuike Onyiaorah explained that cadavers harbour lots of pathogens which could be contracted by morticians and further transferred to the bereaved, and the general public at large.

According to the Consultant Atomic Pathologist and Forensic Physician, morgue workers ought to undergo prerequisite practical and theoretical aspects of their profession before venturing into the service with a view to safeguarding themselves and the country against diseases, among other pickles associated to bad or careless handling of corpses.

On her part, a-Public Health Development Consultant, Dr. Jane Ezeonu, advised the government to frequently checkmate the activities of the management and staff of the various mortuaries in the country to ensure they are professionally and ethically sound.

Dr. Ezeonu, who reiterated the needs for the government and concerned citizens to continuously support in training and retraining of morticians and the general public on healthy living, called for introduction of a formal curriculum on mortuary services at primary, secondary and tertiary institution of learning to that effect.

Earlier speaking, the Acting Director of Primal Health and Disease Control in the Anambra State Ministry of Health, Dr. Emmanuel Okafor, averred that the training was first of its kind in the state meant to acquaint morticians of the significance of their job since majority of them lack formal knowledge of the profession hitherto.

Stressing that the Anambra State government would complement the training with the provision of what he termed “heavy duty personal protective equipment”, constant visits and meeting with the operators of the 66 mortuaries in the state, Dr. Okafor, further disclosed that the state shall clampdown on those found wanting.

Among the highlights of the workshop were practical demonstrations of effective handling of corpses, issuance of certificate and heavy duty personal protective equipments to each of the participants.



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