Monday, 23 March 2015

NMA Vows to Continue Strike Sequel to APC Stupidity in Lagos State

Following failure of last minute efforts to avert hiccup in the flow of medical services in government health facilities, the Lagos State Chapter of Nigeria Medical Association [NMA] has finally embarked on an indefinite strike.
The current strike action which began on March 16 was embarked upon in protest against the continued appointment of doctors as casual (contract) workers in place of the aborted residency training programme, unpaid arrears for the months of May 2012 and July, August and September 2014 due to the application of the state’s ‘no work, no pay’ policy to members of the Medical Guild.

However, the strike was watered down following efforts between the medical body and the state government to reconcile grievances.
The moves were however deadlocked as doctors, under the aegis of Medical Guild, alleged that the state government had resorted to intimidation of senior officers of the guild.
Following this development which marks one week of the initial commencement of the strike, which was tagged "sympathy" strike by the Guild, Secretary of the NMA, Dr. Babajide Saheed, has said that the NMA Lagos State has been left with no option than to call all its members in the state on a general withdrawal of services in all institutions in the state.
The Medical Guild also pointed out that its members’ past strikes resulted from being shunned by Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos state, adding that the governor even now continued with his attitude of ignoring their request for discussions.
Medical sources accused the governor of repeating his boast that his family does public hospitals, thereby taunting them to continue their strike for as long as they wished.
Following the declaration of the indefinite strike, the Guild has directed that during this action, emergency care and services to the critically ill be provided.



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