Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Mazi Odera writes on how Gov. Obiano Invites CONTARCTORS TO LUNCHING

Chief Willie Obiano has invited contractors in Anambra State to his country home at Agulueri for a lunching in support of the forth coming campaign.
The lunching is being organized at the instance of Chief Victor Umeh, who recently requested from Obiano, the one they call Willie Kai Kai, additional 1 Billion Naira to prosecute his campaign to logical end, but Willie asked him to use the money realized from sale of forms.
This exchange affected Willie and Victor relationship, Willie as a last measure, was persuaded by Victor Umeh to call the lunching.
Contractors are not happy, they said after collecting 20% from them on all contracts paid for, that they should not expect monetary assistance from them again.
The lunching will take place at 7 pm on Saturday, 7th. The text circulated about this says that there will be all night after the event.
Anambra State Security Council, made up of head of Army in the State, head of Police, DSS Director and Civil Defence leader have blamed Willie Obiano for the stone-throwing incident at Agulu. They said he was wrong to go to a man’s house to insult him, especially a man who, through good governance, has inscribed himself in the hearts of people. Culled from security report on the event



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