Thursday, 5 March 2015

Gov. Obiano Wastes N350 million on hate film against Obi, Jonathan

By Fact Finder

I find this story on facebook and wish to use it, although I can't defend its accuracy. Read and judge. Factfinder is on facebook

Gov. Willie Obiano has gone mad again.... Wastes N350 million on hate film against Obi, Jonathan
Mr. Willie Obiano has again in his penchant to work with the sworn enemies of Ndigbo, thrown caution to the winds and has now gone very bizarre.
Wellie Obiano has been going about sponsoring hate messages against the former governor of the state in attempts to satisfy his own selfish interests and the interest of our killers. The movie, allegedly produced by ABS Awka , directed by the incoming CPS , Sponsored by Anambra state government .
Producing a movie about Peter Obi, will not do any good to the state, instead it will make more Anambraians to hate the present governor more, Obi is not contesting, so what's the need of the film?
Governor Willie Obiano is already a gross failure -Instead of using such huge money used in frivolous film production for a valued thing in the state, Willie is using the money to bite a finger that fed hım.
Even before this clear manifestation of Mr. Obiano's derailing, I foresaw it and started shouting ontop of my voices but people called themselves names- it is now evident that Obiano is out to Sabotage Ndigbo and president Goodluck Jonathan- when caught, Obiano will sponsor advertorials on the national dailies, declaring supports to Mr. President but will be covertly working with enemies of our land.
If not so? Peter obi is the campaign head of president Jonathan in the south east and not contesting any election,The reason for spending the state hard earned 350 million Naira on such production is to help APC against PDP.
So all the hate messages and blackmails is against the re-election of Mr. President- but Willie Obiano should be reminded that NO amount of blackmail or Anambra movie will affect Okwute Ndi Igbo or the re-election of President Azikiwe Jonathan.
It is now glaring that the state used by Obiano is not fighting Peter Obi because he has nothing to lose, but they are fighting President Goodluck Jonathan in disguise- but Willie Obiano again should be made to understand that no amount of Anambra film will make Mr. President not to come back and at the end, Obiano will end up a tragic failure and governor.
Those close to him should start calling him to order before its too late!



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