Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Chelsea FC Investigate Fans Tweet

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Chelsea Football Club are investigating claims fans sent abusive messages to Liverpool FC on Twitter referencing the Hillsborough tragedy.
A tweet was sent to the Merseyside club’s official account during the recent game with Tottenham which read: "you can score as much as u want but it won't bring back the 96 dead."
The comment was reported to Chelsea FC and the club has spoken to police about the matter, it is understood.
It also emerged a Chelsea fan has previously been banned by the club for directing Hillsborough abuse to Liverpool.
The vile jibe was shared widely and brought to the attention of Liverpool fans who expressed their disgust.

Probe: Chelsea are looking into the abuse directed at Liverpool's Twitter account
In reply, other supposed Chelsea fans dismissed the comment as nothing more than "controversial banter".
“People take things way too seriously,” another added.
Furious Liverpool fan Peter Ffoulkes contacted Chelsea.

A club representative told him: "The inappropriate postings you have highlighted will be investigated and if it is found that the senders are Chelsea members or season ticket holders they will be dealt with accordingly.
"However, our ability to identify the people behind these postings is limited as we do not have the authority that is vested in the police to do such things and I have, therefore, requested police advice and assistance on the matter."
The account @TackleLikeMatic, from which the offensive tweet originated, is currently suspended.
It comes at a particularly sensitive time for Liverpool, as new inquests into the deaths of 96 fans continue.
Yesterday, David Duckinfield, former Chief Superintendent of South Yorkshire Police, agreed it was a "mistake" he was in charge on the day.

Last year, a Chelsea fan was banned by the club for directing abuse towards Liverpool on the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough tragedy.
Mr Ffoulkes first contacted the London club in April 2014, to complain about comments made on social media about the Hillsborough disaster and Chelsea fans “chanting and jeering” through the minute’s silence.
In reply he was told: “Regarding the second part of your complaint and the disrespectful comments posted on social media, all information relating to those comments has been passed to the police who are currently investigating.
“One individual has been identified and immediately banned by Chelsea FC. The length of the ban will be reviewed once the police investigation is concluded.”
It comes as the behaviour of football fans, and Chelsea supporters in particular, is under the spotlight.
Last month, a video emerged off Chelsea fans allegedly chanting racist abuse and forced a black man off a Metro train in Paris.
Police are continuing to investigate claims of further racist chanting by Chelsea fans on a train from London to Manchester.
A Watford fan and dad-of-two remains in a critical condition in hospital after being attacked by thugs, believed to be Wolves fans, following their Championship on Saturday.
Mr Ffoulkes said he believes abuse via social media is a growing problem in football.
He said: "Constant abuse towards certain sections of society, including the victims of footballing tragedies, is now becoming increasingly more disgusting.
"It is just as serious an issue as the racism virus but is never tackled much at all.
"There is a completely new, younger, naive generation who are being wrongly duped into thinking that it is all football banter."
Chelsea FC added: “Clearly, the behaviour displayed in both incidents is completely unacceptable. Chelsea FC and the overwhelming majority of our fans abhor all forms of offensive behaviour and believe they have no place in our club or our communities.
"We constantly review our processes and procedures for dealing with such incidents and strive to protect the reputation of our club and our fans, the majority of whom are impeccably behaved following their team at home or away.
“Where identification is possible and evidence exists, Chelsea FC will take the strongest possible action against any member or season-ticket holder involved in deliberate and offensive behaviour which disrespects those important moments which bring the football community together.
"This position has been communicated to fans, again across all our club platforms."



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