Friday, 13 March 2015

Breaking News: Gov. Obiano's Officers Grumbles, Querries him

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Image result for picture of obiano and anambra workersThere Image result for picture of obiano and anambra workersis confusion in Obiano’s CABINET. Some of them went to meet him to complain about many projects being flagged of. According to them, those projects are not sustainable at all. There compliant came after the Auditor General sent a memo to Duke Willie Obiano telling him that with the level of expenditure, especially in frivolities that the State will soon go bankrupt.
They also complained to him that Anambra people no longer take countless MoUs he signs seriously and that they see it as symptoms of a leader bereft of ideas.
Worried Duke thanked them and told them that he was in control and that they should not panic.
Duke Obiano then reached out to some of the organisations that signed MoUs with him and told them to come for symbolic flag-off of their projects.
If you recall, on Wednesday, he flagged-ff the Exkel Farm at Omasi. You will see that nothing will be done
Today, he wants to visit Coscharis farm at Anaku and perform the ground breaking for Richbon Auto industry for the same reason.

For the first time buses are hired and stationed in front of SSG’s office and announcement made for people to join the buses to join him to perform those phantom flag-offs.
Obiano you have no reason to be doing this, Where is our n75 Billion Naira?
Indeed, Anambra people have entered one-chance motor.



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