Saturday, 21 March 2015

Breaking news: APGA Senatorial Candidate Billboard Falls, Kill many in Anambra

Information reaching from APGAALAIGBO ( says that a GIANT BILL BOARD of SIR VICTOR UMEH ,a senatorial candidate at ANAMBRA CENTRAL ,located AT NKWO ENUGWU UKWU fell and sacrificed over 15 market women whose crime were trying to make ends meet.

Image result for pictures of Victor Umeh's billboardThe

Image result for pictures of Victor Umeh's billboard

 Death are now deposited at the Mortuary and the injured ones at receiving treatments at various clinics and hospitals .

Nobody can say if it is the wind that blew helped to tilt it or it was one of the escapades of political blood sucking ,but what we know is that no political office worths taking blood of the innocent.

Meanwhile seems Tomb Raider is now working with MILITANTS ,today they went to Agulu and whisk away a popular man called IKO to unknown destination .
People should know that there is a big path between political rascality and political stupidity ,election will come and go but the blood we spilled for such quest may hunt our children and generations.



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