Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Bombshell: Buhari Hates Islam- A Muslim Bash on the APC Presidential Hopeful

By Umar Sanni Yerima Bompai, Kano.

**where was Buhari's faith in islam that says "Muslim Ummah is one community when he truncated fellow muslim Shagari's Govt?
**Buhari, the most influential person in the Abacha govt when Abiola, a Muslim was incarcerated, what did Buhari say about it?

"To my dear muslim brothers and sisters who are preaching support for General Muhammadu Buhari as a muslim brother; permit me to take you through the memory lane. Nigerian politics has never really been about religion.
It has always been about the influential few who call the shot to make their homes and families richer and better. What is one single thing that islam in Nigeria has benefited from the decades of MILITARY dictatorship in Nigeria headed mostly by muslims?
Between the late MKO Abiola, IBB, Buhari and Abacha who amongst them has contributed more to the propagation of islam in Nigeria? If we must support Buhari today simply because he now wears the fake garb of jihadist and integrity, where was Buhari's faith and understanding of the teachings of islam that says the muslim ummah is one community when he (Buhari) led his fellow muslim military officers and truncated a democratic government headed by another fellow muslim Alhaji Shehu Shagari?
Buhari was the most influential person in the Abacha government when MKO Abiola was detained for years what did Buhari say or do about it? What happened to his iman as at the time? What did Buhari do when Abacha send his well trained killer squad to kill Hajiya Kudirat Abiola?
The likes of Shehu Musa Yar'adua who was Buhari's schoolmate and a fellow muslim was detained simply because he opposed the dare devil general Abacha and he later died in detention, what did Buhari tell Abacha as the PTF chairman during that regime?
If truly that religion means anything to our leaders, the very first and only time Nigerians went to the poll without sentiments was during MKO Abiola's election. Nigerians disregard religion and tribe to make a decision. What happened afterwards? IBB another muslim general, annulled the election of a victorious muslim/muslim ticket and handed over government to a christian Ernest Shonekan.
My dear muslim brothers and sisters, don't be deceived by politics of religion.... it is all lies. There is no way a christian will rule Nigeria indefinitely likewise, no way a muslim can lead Nigeria eternally. What we want is the best for our nation not the best for my religion.
We Muslims have produced the highest number of head of states from the north what do we have to show for it today? What is one positive impact does it have on our religious activities? The change that Nigeria need is already here with us and it will only continue to get better.
Jonathan has done more for the North than all our previous rulers put together. We must not hide on the back of ethnic sentiment to fly religious kite against the working president. Before the coming of President Jonathan our past rulers has made us to believe that almajiri is a fundamental concept of islam but their children live in the best of places.
Until recently that Jonathan comes to power he decided to put an end to it. Have we ever had any hausa leader that make any effort towards ending almajiri in the North? They taught us that almajiri is a concept of islam but the Saudis don't practice it.... infact, no Arab nation practices it. In what way has GEJ brings down islam or muslims?
We must be sincere enough to know the difference between an islamic or a muslim state and mixed state. Four more years is not eternity... let us allow this man to complete his foundation of a democratic core institutions and values. After his second tenure, in 2019, we will sit down as a region and produce a vibrant and dedicated young Northerner to succeed him.
In a sane society, GEJ will be given an automatic ticket for second term BUT in Nigeria, the reverse is always the case. Of what benefit is Tinubu to islam and muslims? What happened in Lagos gubernatorial primaries?
Has Tinubu ever really associated with islam and muslims? That is the character that is projecting Buhari all for his selfish and personal interest. My dear Muslim brothers and sisters, kindly wake up and support the right man for the job. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan deserves a second term! - Hope For Nigeria



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