Wednesday, 11 March 2015


I just stumbled this write up on facebook, posted by Fact Finder and wished to give it to your reading adueince.

Right from his first day in office, Chief Willie Obiano became wasteful, spending Anambra’s money in so many unnecessary things.
We are not today concerned about chartering of planes for him and his wife (Local and foreign trips) or buying the most expensive Champagne in the world. We are concerned about ear-piece advert he places in Sun Newspaper on Monday’s and Thursday (samples attached).
Has he seen any other Governor doing the same? Does he not know that
others are laughing at him for such a nonsense. Who will take such news seriously.
Because he pays for them, his Assistants on Media are left to write the news as they wished, punctuating it with any type of lies they wish. Because it is paid, even if they write that the Angel of Light visited Willie in his room and whispered to him thus: “Behold my son, through you God will salvage Nigeria”, Sun newspaper will publish it because it is paid.
Now, would you believe that in a year, he has spent N150, 000,000 (One Hundred and Fifty Million in that adverts alone, not counting other adverts?
As he prepares to celebrate 1 year in office, they are busy soliciting beautifully written tributes from people, which they will use Anambra’s money to advertise in many newspapers. Is this how to govern a State?
In all we do, we must remember that his predecessor left a hefty purse for him – N75 Billion Naira in cash and investment – he must use the occasion of his 1st year in office to tell us the state of the cash component of the money, which is in excess of 50 Billion Naira.
The central question is : Has Obiano squandered the money or has he added something to it?



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