Wednesday, 11 March 2015

2015: Almajiris Slams Patience Jonathan, Vows to Vote Buhari

A Letter from Almajiris

Dear Madam First Lady: I Lack The Patience To Wait For Good Luck!
I am almajiri because I am from the North and one of the products of the Polygamous family, if you “hate” me, you don’t have to wait for a moment that your husband needs my vote before you come with your pretense.

I knew long ago that the killings in my region were allowed to be because, you don’t like my face. So, hold it, you don’t have to tell anyone to “stone” me because of my political party affiliation, you can use the soldiers to continue to kill me when they come to polling units, on the basis that “Nigeria’s economy is in your pocket”.

You are intoxicated not from the amount of beer your husband drinks, but for the power that you are enjoying.

Painfully, for all your utterances recently, you have killed your husband politically.

Almajiri (‪#‎myvotemyright)



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