Saturday, 10 January 2015

Why Igbo Traditional Rulers Endorsed Jonathan for Presidency at Enugu?

Image result for pictures of Igbo traditional rulersNo fewer than 371 traditional rulers in Enugu State have pledged their support to President Goodluck Jonathan in the forthcoming general elections.
The traditional rulers expressed their support for the president in Enugu on Friday during a meeting with him on the sides of his campaign rally.
The Chairman of the Enugu State Council of Traditional Rulers, Igwe Lawrence Agubuzu, assured the president that the state would remain a PDP state.
According to him, the president had no problem in the state because the people would always vote for a reliable government.
'We are custodians of peace and culture. With the transformation agenda of Mr President, we have gained a lot.
'We are not politicians but we urge politicians not to see politics as a do-or-die affair.
'We appeal to politicians to deliver issue-based manifestos and not inciting ones,'' he said.
The president later held a closed door meeting with the royal fathers. (NAN



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