Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Political Parties Accuse of Thwarting the Nation’s Democracy, Imposition of Candidates

Okechukwu Onuegbu

A Community leader and an oil magnet in Anambra State, Chief Sir Joseph Nwakpadolu has reiterated the needs for the country to return to what he termed “Option A4 Election pattern”, which warrants electorates to queue behind their candidates in every party primary.

Nwakpadolu, who stated this in an exclusive interview with Orient Daily, explained that Option A4 would engender transparency and fairness in every election, especially the primaries elections of the various political parties.

According to him, the manipulations and highjack of hopes witnessed at the recent primaries elections of all the major political parties in the country would be reduced to a halt if his suggested electoral system is adopted.

The CEO of Orpet Group LTD, Awka, further alleged that foul play and malpractices trailed the party primaries held recently to select candidates for 2015 Governorship, House of Assembly, and Federal House of Representatives polls of all the registered political parties in the country, even as he accused the party leaders of thwarting the nation’s democracy through imposition of candidates.

“Among other shoddy deals carried out in the process was that party leaders betrayed the trust and confidence reposed on them by ripping off the Aspirants, and staged managed kangaroo inter-party elections to achieve selfish objectives. The leaderships of the major political parties selfishly selected those they named their party flag bearers against the wishes of the electorates”, he alleged.

Additionally, he claimed that the political party leaders took unduly advantage of their aspirants and party faithful against democratic principles after extorting huge amounts of money from them as fees for expression of interest forms, collection and processing of nomination forms, screening and participation in the elections proper, and later gave party flags to none party members, money bags and unscrupulous elements rather than the real members with impeccable characters.

As a result, the oil magnet posited that the country’s democracy would neither grow nor mature, until corrupt leaders and their accomplices give way for the youths groomed and prepared in the principles of democracy and fear of God.

Similarly, Nwakpadolu cautioned the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to beef-up action towards monitoring the internal activities of the registered political parties with a view to preventing unrest often result from presentation of multiple candidates and illegal withdrawal of the names of those who actually won an election.



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