Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Women ban from eating in Restaurants

Image result for pictures of women eating
Image result for pictures of women eatingWomen should not be allowed to eat in restaurants unless accompanied by their husband or a male guardian.
That's according to sexist restaurant owners in Saudi Arabia who have been decorating their eateries in signs stating that single women are banned from entering.
Thankfully, Saudi Arabia's National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) has asked several restaurants in the country to remove the sexist signage, but we're wondering why some men thought they were appropriate in the first place.
One restaurant owner said he put the sign up after "numerous incidents of flirting," according to the BBC.
“We’ll only remove these signs when we make sure such incidents never happen again on our premises because such type of behavior negatively impacts our business," he added.
saudi restaurant sign
In a statement, Khalid Al-Fakhri from the NSHR told the Saudi Gazette restaurants do not have the right to require single women to bring male guardians with them when eating out.
“These signs are against the law and reflect the personal opinions of the restaurant owners,” he said.
Now that women in Saudi Arabia have been granted access to restaurants, maybe the country's infamous ban on female drivers will soon be lifted too.
We can but hope.



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