Friday, 28 November 2014

Indian Professor calls Nigeria Government to invest on Agriculture, Entrepreneurial Jobs


Okechukwu Onuegbu

A-3 Day International Leadership conference in Banking and Financial Sectors has ended in the Federal Polytechnic Oko with a call on Nigerians to diversify its economy through revival of agricultural sector.
The event which attracted academics from all parts of the world was christened “A-3Day International Changing Contours of Leadership in Emerging And Developing Economies.
Delivering a lecture, one of the resource persons at the conference, Prof. Pramod Mitra, the Director of School of Business Studies at Sharda University, India, enjoined Nigerian government to invest more on agriculture with a view to exploring it numerous job opportunities and food security to the betterment of the citizenry.
Prof. Mitra, who postulated that agriculture sector, was capable of boosting the country’s economy much better than oil in less distant time, attributed insecurity and other problems facing the giant of Africa to mono-economy, even as he posited that no foreign investor would like to invest in such environment.
Furthermore, the Academic advised the federal government of Nigeria and its federating units to champion the course of youth empowerment, skills acquisition and development, and to formulate better policies which shall endear her domestic industries and young-ebullient entrepreneurs’ opportunities to thrive.
According to the Indian Professor, these would fast track Nigeria socio-economy development and engineer her people to be self-reliant, employable and employer of labour.
Similarly, Prof. Mitra charged Nigerian students to re-channel their academics prowess (paper qualifications) to job creation by learning vocational jobs or skills such as carpentry, tiling, mechanics, tailoring, building, among others, as that would boost their knowledge and financial powers, and herein speed up national development.
Speaking in an interview after the programme, Prof. Joseph Okoye, the Chairman of the Occasion, who hails from the Department of Public Administration, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, hinted that the thought provoking lecture would assist in entrenching sanity in all sectors of Nigeria’s economy including politics, and endear her with true leadership skills and leaders with impeccable characters.  



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