Thursday, 27 November 2014

Exclusive: ENUGU APC Supporters Stones Atiku as he campaigns for Presidency

Image result for pictures of atiku abubakarFormer Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, and a presidential aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, was jeered by party supporters at Enugu as he addressed them in consonance to his 2015 presidential ambition.

Atiku has claimed to have made so many personal sacrifices to save Nigeria's democracy, even as he declared not to leave the party if he failed to pick its presidential ticket, adding that he would give his support to whoever eventually emerged as the party's presidential flagbearer.
The ex VP stated this while addressing the APC Enugu State national delegates at the Nike Lake Resort Hotels in Enugu.
The Turakin Adamawa, who said he would not criticise the other presidential aspirants, insisted that he was a better candidate than his opponents.
“Whether I win this primary or not, I will support whoever wins. That is why in all my public speeches I will not criticise any candidate,” he said.
He explained that the APC presidential aspirants had agreed to support one another.
Atiku said, “This is an undertaking we made that we will support each other and never criticise one another in public. We have to start the change at the leadership level.”
Speaking further, Atiku urged the APC members to support their party’s candidates, even when the particular candidate they prefered failed to emerge as the flag bearer.
The former vice president said, “Whoever wins the nomination, don’t work against the party. It is better for you. Your life will be better, the life of your family will be better.
“It is better for you to have the government than to remain in opposition because your candidate did not win.
“Good governance is better for you than whatever you can put in your own pocket.”
Abubakar also spoke of the qualities that made him better than his rivals.
He said, “There is no part of this country that I cannot call a home – none of the rest can boast of this quality. Besides, none of them have acquired the experience I have acquired politically.
“Even when situations appeared favourable to me personally, I rejected in the interest of this country. I have fought many political battles for democracy, the rule of law and the survival of our democratic dispensation.
“I have prepared myself over the years to serve, I have the experience to serve and I want to serve.”
Atiku noted that if there was no change in 2015, “PDP will destroy the country and we will be looking for another country because it will be too late.”
He donated N5m to the Enugu State chapter of the APC, another N1m to the chapter’s elders, and N50,000 to each of the delegates.

However, reporters of reports that Enugu APC fans jeered and mimicked Atiku as he addressed the little group of people on attendance.
They insulted him in Igbo language .



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