Friday, 5 September 2014

Reckless Driving Claims lives of four tourists, others

Crash: Four British tourists have been hospitalised after the incident
A driver was killed and four British tourists were hospitalised after their bus crashed - into a lawnmower.
The lawnmower was working on the central reservation of a busy Slovakian dual carriageway when the bizarre tragedy occurred.
The bus was travelling between the capital Bratislava and Svaty Jur, a small town to the north east of the Slovak capital.
Police said that in total there were 35 people on the bus and confirmed that 33 had been hurt, and the 52-year-old driver had been killed instantly. Many of the injured were taken to hospital in Bratislava.
The President of the Slovak Republic Police Force confirmed that five of the people on the bus were foreign tourists.
He said four were British citizens - described as being 'badly hurt' - and the fifth was Russian. All of the other people on the bus were believed to be Slovakian.

CEN Four British tourists have been hospitalised after the bus they were travelling on crashed into a lawnmower working on a central reservation on a busy Slovakian dual carriageway
Tragic Crash: Four British tourists were hospitalised and the driver killed after their bus crashed into a lawnmower
Petra Stano Matasovska, the Bratislava University Hospital spokesperson told Central European News: "Twenty Eight injured passengers were transported to the University Hospital Bratislava. I can confirm four of them were British citizens."
It was unclear where the other five of the total of 33 reported injured had been treated.
Police who are investigating the cause of the accident confirmed that initial reports suggest the driver of the coach tried to overtake and hit a vehicle which was mowing grass on the dual carriageway.
After crashing into the mowing vehicle he lost control before topping over.
The accident happened at 10.30am local time. There was no information on the injuries to the driver of the lawnmower.



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