Friday, 5 September 2014

Ogboni cries that Gov. Amechi put them into Danger

Press Release
The Ogoni Social Democratic Network has said the land grab policy of the Amaechi's administration has increased poverty and hunger in Ogoniland. The consequence is an increase in crime rate and prostitution.
President of OSDN George Kilsi Nubari made this known yesterday in Port Harcourt. at a briefing on the state of affairs in Ogoni. He said: We have confirmed reports of an increasing crime rate in Ueken, Tai and around Zor-Sogho communities affected by the massive land grab of the Amaechi's administration.
We contend that the massive land take over which is currently been used to develop a banana palntation and providing employment to some 250 persons is not economically justifiable as it deprives over 30,000 others the land upon which they survive through subsistence farming.
The land take over in Ogoniland by the Rivers State government has had very devastating consequences on our people and threatens the peace and security of the area as thousands of the Ogoni people who were engaged in the farms now become jobless, have no food to eat and are increasingly engaging in crimes.
Kilsi said the Ogoni people may be forced to march on the Amaechi's banana farm as a last resort in order to save the Ogoni from an impending public health and security crises.
"We fear that the affected communities of Ueken and Sogho may soon become disaster zones and the rest of the Ogoni will not only be affected by the depreciation in living standards in the these areas but a public health crisis is imminent"
It is urgent that the Rivers State government immediately discontinues the land grab and banana plantation currently being developed in Ueken and Zor, Sogho communities in the interest of peace and stability in the region and return the land to their original owners.
Christopher Lah Niabari
Secretary (OSDN)



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